What is a catamaran and how do you charter it? (2023)

Imagine sailing into a marina or bay on a luxury charter catamaran. People will most likely start staring at you, or rather at your yacht. Because let's face itlazinessreally looks like something else. Not only do they look good, but they arespacious,comfortableand they can be wholeQuickly. It can be said that they successfully combine all the characteristics of monohull and multihull sailboats, with a little more emphasis on the pure pleasure of resting on a yacht and a little less on performance.

There is only one catamarantype of boatconsisting oftwo hullsconnected to a frame. They can be propelled by a sail or a motor. Catamarans have two engines, one in each hull. To become a popular craft today, this type of sailboat had to endure strong skepticism from more traditional sailors.

Catamarans were "invented" by an aristocratic fishing community on the south coast of Tamil Nadu, India. However, regardingrecreational and sports sailing, catamarans are a recent fad.

Charter a catamaranit is no different than chartering any other type of yacht. Once you have chosen a yacht charter company, see what charter catamarans they offer and choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, if you do not have experience and/or permission, you can also choose themcatamaran with skipper or full crew charter.

Looking back in history, there have never been as many multihulls sailing around the world as there are now. The big jump in popularity of multihull sailboats is particularly noticeable among charter companies. In other words, more and more people recognize the so-calledadvantageand easy to sail on multihulls.

The most popular brands of charter catamarans

Somebig brandsor manufacturers in the catamaran market include Lagoon, Leopard, Nautitech, Bali and Fountaine Pajot, as well as a significant number of new entrants to the catamaran industry. They are builders of large catamarans, especially for the huge charter business.


Lagunais wholesales manager. This is a French company that produces its boats in France. The most recognizable feature of the brand is their ability to create almostmagical, vast amounts of spaceon yachts. Thethe most popular charter modelsthey vary from 38 feet to 56 feet in length. They also build catamarans up to 23 meters long. Lagoon is also one of the pioneers in the motor/motor catamaran segment. Lagoon catamarans are built with an emphasis on comfort and charter business, where they can comfortably accommodate four or more cabins on board for four or more couples.


Nautechis one of the largest catamaran manufacturers in the world and operates under the brandBavaria yachterfeel. The brand is also known for its specific helm position, more in the style of a monohull sailing yacht. Nautitech offers one sizestinks of charter catamaransfrom 40 to 55 feet high. There are two lines of catamarans. Nautitech is designed for the formerpleasant journeyand the other is Ocean Voyagers, day charter catamarans for the travel industry. There is also a stream of motor-only catamarans. Nautitech catamarans are available for charter in the most popular sailing destinationsGreeceWCroatiato destinations in the Caribbean.

Pajota fountain

Pajota fountainis another French company that has built productioncruising catamaranssince 1983. They have a great heritagespecial attention to detail and smart solutionsfor optimal utilization of space on the yacht. They offer a size range from 36 feet to 80 feet in length. It is also an extremely popular brand of charter catamarans.Choose one of themthe most popular charter catamarans and you will have a fantastic sailing holiday.

Efficiency and luxury

There are several multihull manufacturers that put a lot of emphasis onsailing performancesyachts, while retaining most of the features that multihulls are known for.

Foreign catamarans

Sea catamaranis a classic catamaran withvery slim hullswhich gives the boat even less water resistance and allows the boat to reach higher speeds.


Kanonierkais a performance-oriented manufacturer of multihulls, but what they are known for is theirsthe first production foil catamaran Gunboat G4. The boat literally flies above the surface of the water.


There isquarterlywhich is convenient and fast and the name is Neel.Trimarany NeelaIfspacious and capable of sailing at very high speedsapart from their good looks. Winner of the award for the best full-size catamaran over 15 meters.

I want it all! I want perfection!

To those who askpure comfortperfection aboard a multihull or want maximum safety for their crew members, there is a very practical type of charter catamaran calledpowerful catamaranpowered by motors only. This can result in significantly less equipment and sailing equipment on the boat. There will always be some sailing equipment on the boat that we can trip over or get hurt. In the case of motor catamarans, the lack of winches, stoppers, ropes and similar elements makes the boat much safer for the youngest crew members. For those who like to sunbathe while sailing, don't worry, there are no sails to give you a shady spot while sailing a boat.

A typical day on a charter catamaran

A typical day on boardcharter catamaranno different than a day on one of the chartered yachts. The day usually starts with breakfast on board, usually at anchor in a beautiful bay or marina.

After breakfast you can continue your journey wherever you anchor, go ashore for sightseeing and shopping or enjoy the sun and sea. After that, you can raise the sails and leave for another place.

What is a catamaran and how do you charter it? (3)

sailing on a catamaran,just relax and enjoy the trip. Because catamarans are beautifulsteeland there is no sailing in high heels, you can sunbathe, have a cool drink or eat a delicious meal even under full sail. You don't have to worry about the glasses tipping over and making a mess, as catamarans rarely have more than five degrees. But if you decide not to have lunch while sailing, you can find nice, quiet places. Because catamarans ashallow draft, for lunch you can choose a beautiful bay and anchor right on the beach. After lunch you can swim, sunbathe, do water sports or just relax in a secluded spot. Privacy is something charter catamarans have in abundance. You can find a quiet place to play, read a book or sleep.

When evening approaches, you can head out to the nearest marina. That is, unless you're already into it. Once you've found a great location for your catamaran charter, all you have to do is decide where and how you want itspend the rest of the evening. There are many options: you can go sightseeing, go shopping, explore the coast or see what the local nightlife has to offer. Or you can just stay on your catamaran and enjoy the company of your crew.

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