The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (2023)


The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (2)

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The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (3)

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  • The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast

Arranged byZee Land ture

Discover one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Italy and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sicily: join a 3-hour boat trip along the Cefalù coast, with stops for swimming and snorkeling and happy hour on board.

3 timer


Small group
Max 12 people

Meeting point
Garden of Cefalu

Start time
10.00 or 15.00

Cefalù lies between a postcard-like horseshoe-shaped bay and La Rocca's looming limestone cliff face. On this 3-hour boat trip, you will sail along the coast and admire majestic reefs overlooking the sea, coves carved into the rock and small fishing villages. Enjoy the blue sea, swim in crystal clear water and relax during happy hour with the wonders of the coast before your eyes.

Cefalù Coast Boat Tour Itinerary:

  • Meeting point at Cefalù Port on Via Presidiana.
  • Start the cruise with the first stop to admire the medieval old town: one of the most charming landscapes in Sicily, where small streets and colorful houses are dominated by the imposing cliffs of La Rocca and the 12th-century Norman cathedral, which is a of the most beautiful in Italy, now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • The next stop is Cefalù Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, thanks to its white sand and crystal clear sea, populated in the warm months by locals and tourists from all over the world. Here you have the opportunity to swim and dive.
  • The tour continues with a visit to the Santa Lucia Grotto, accessible only by sea and dominated by the exclusive Club Med Resort perched on top of a cliff.
  • The last stop will be the Gulf of Mazzaforno, where you will discover the Sette Frati beach: located in a picturesque landscape, it enchants visitors and tourists with its extraordinary charm. Swim and snorkel in the sea and admire the colors from emerald green to turquoise in the deepest places.
  • Once back on board, enjoy a sumptuous happy hour prepared by your captain with local produce and wine.
  • At the end of the tour, you will return to Cefalù Port.
*In accordance with Covid-19 health and safety measures, diving equipment and aperitifs are no longer available on board.

The price includes: Professional English speaking captain - Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The price is not included: Hotel pick-up/drop-off.

Don't forget: Swimsuit - Beach towel - Diving equipment - Sunscreen - Sun hat - Camera.

Maximum: 12 people on board.

Learn more about your cruise...

Visited every year by thousands of tourists and a must-see destination in Sicily,Cefaluit has preserved the charm of a typical medieval Italian village, son of Arab-Norman culture, with narrow streets, restaurants, shops and ice cream parlors where you can taste excellent Sicilian ice cream. The main square in the village of Cefalù is dominated by the so-calledDuomo, recognized as a 12th-century Norman cathedralUNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015:legendhas that it is built fromKong Roger IIas a wedding after he was rescued from a storm at sea. The other attraction in the historic center of Cefalù is the so-calledold laundry, a medieval toilet with many ancient basins, fed by the river Cefalino, flowing from twenty-two iron lion-shaped mouths: the water of the river is considered extremely pure because, according tolegend, are the tears of a nymph after she kills the man who betrayed her. Until recently, the laundry was still used by local women. Another particularly fascinating attraction, especially from the perspective of the sea, is the so-calledBastion van Capo Marchiafava, an old defensive building that dominates the entire coast of Cefalù, from east to west. FinallyZ Rots van Cefalù: a bit difficult to reach on foot, La Rocca protects the castle with its walls anddianas tempel: from the sea side you can admire the grandeur of La Rocca and take beautiful pictures!

Cefalu, besides being a typical Italian village, it also hasone of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily: the coast is flooded with tourists from all over the world who want to swim in the crystal clear sea or sunbathe on the white sand. downStrand van Cefalufrom the sea side is not just a bath and admire the beautiful panoramaDuomoWFortressbut also provides a relaxing place to enjoy the sea to the fullest without the chaos of the summer season. Another ideal place for lovers of peace is the so-calledStrand van Sant'Ambrogio, characterized by clear waters, with a coastline of sandy beaches and pebbles that make it a charming place.Zatoka Mazzaforno, another pearl among the beaches of Cefalù, is known for the beautiful colors of the sea: from blue to turquoise to white. In this pristine bay you will find a wild beach, especially from the sea: this is itSettefrati beach, dominated byrock formations emerging from the sea, some of them are low and you can even walk on them; others, on the other hand, stretch further and look like majestic piles. In addition to the many reasons to discover Cefalù from the sea, there is also a unique opportunity to swim in the seaSaint Lucia Cavefrom which it got its namepatronka Cefalù: The magical entrance created by the characteristic shape of the rocks is just a foretaste of what you will feel once inside: it is a must see.

Cefaluhas two great virtues among many:madIZeeso... havean aperitif by the sea in Cefalù is definitely an experience worth trying. And what if the aperitif is not by the sea, but by the sea? If you choose a boat trip, you will not only discover the best of Cefalù, touch the most pristine beaches and most beautiful places, but also taste typical Cefalù snacks accompanied by local wines, known all over the world. Let the captain offer you an aperitivo overlooking the sea, the perfect way to end your visit to Cefalù.

Cefalù has around 14,000 inhabitants, they are called cefaludesi.


If you are in Palermo, do not miss a trip to Cefalù: discover the medieval village and its beaches and you will not regret your decision! Cefalù is 58 km from Palermo, Cefalù can be reached by bus directly from the airport or by train from the center of Palermo: both options take about an hour.

Cefalù has around 14,000 inhabitants, they are called cefaludesi.

Yes, you can choose to leave at 10:00 or 15:00 depending on availability. It is important to note the desired time in the notes when booking.

Yes, during the cruise you will have some free time to swim and snorkel. Thanks to his experience, the skipper will determine the best and most convenient stops for you.

It is possible to use the toilet on board.

The boat trip includes tasting of local food and wine on board, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Yes, in case of bad weather/sea the trip can be cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, we are happy to offer our customers the choice of an alternative date or, if it is not possible to rebook, a full refund.

The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast

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      30 €Adults

      15 €Children

      Free cancellation within 24 hours

      Duration: 3 hours

      • Language:
      • The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (8)
      • The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (9)

      Overview of highlights:

      • Departure from Cefalu
      • Guaranteed every day, twice a day
      • Small groups up to 12 people
      • Professional English speaking captain
      • Cruise along the coast of Cefalù
      • Enjoy stops for swimming and snorkeling
      • Enjoy local food and wine tasting on board

      30 €Adults

      15 €Children

      Free cancellation within 24 hours

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      A 3-hour trip to the Cefalù coast



      Thank you so much Alex, what a fun and relaxing trip. We had a good time with you on the boat yesterday. Nice that we could use your snorkel masks and thanks for the homemade snacks you made and the local wine while we sunbathed out front, so lovely! You were very well informed about the history of the coast, very interesting. Highly recommended to others traveling to Cefalù

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      The best of Cefalù in 3 hours - Boat trip along the coast - You know! Sorrento boat (10)

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