Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (2023)

Grab your ass, brochachos, GOODStranger Things Staffel 4 Banda 1it's here! Fans have been waiting almost three years for new episodes of the captivating sci-fi series to premiere, and now is the time. In the early hours of May 27, we finally got our hands on the first seven episodes of the highly anticipated season and let me tell you, the wait was well worth it. This is the biggest season by far, with more thrills, terror, and of course, heartwarming moments. I don't want to talk too soon, but this might be my favorite time of the year.weird thingsstill. It's positively epic!

Next, we detail the first seven episodes ofweird thingsSeason 4 summarizing the biggest moments and explaining everything you need to know. We hope you enjoy the new season as much as we do! Without further ado, let's move on to our roundup guide below.

HUGE SPOILERS aheadweird thingsSeason 4 part 1.

Summary of Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1: "The Hellfire Club"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (1)

WEIRD THINGS. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

the premiere ofweird thingsSeason four is absolutely insane. It begins with a flashback that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) has with Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) and the other kids in the rainbow room. The first eight minutes, which are the opening before the title track, were released to the public last Friday, surprising fans. This is why.

We can see Dr. Brenner run some tests in number ten, which is nothing out of the ordinary. But he quickly turns violent when they hear gunshots and screams. Another Hawkins Lab employee informs Brenner that "something is wrong" and seconds later the door opens, knocking Brenner unconscious. When he wakes up, everyone in the lab is dead when he reaches the rainbow room. It is lightthat young elf with blood all over her hospital gownand blood runs from his eyes. Looks like she killed everyone!

Once matou todos no Rainbow Room em Stranger Things?

That's how it seems at this point in the show. Dr. Brenner mistakes her for the killer, looks horrified, and asks what he did. She eleven she looks very scared and doesn't respond. By the time we get to that scene, it definitely looks like He has killed everyone. But since we didn't see what happened, we don't know... yet. Don't worry, we'll get in touch with you!

Then we cut to the title track and after that we're in the present. Eleven lives in California and writes a letter to Mike (Finn Wolfhard), who still lives in Hawkins. She explains in her voiceover that Joyce (Winona Ryder) has a new job from home, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) is busy smoking cigarettes and waiting for feedback from college, and Jonathan's new boyfriend Argyle (Eduardo Franco), take to school. Will (Noah Schnapp) is reserved and paints a lot. He says that he is happy nowLenora Hills, California. But what she doesn't tell Mike is that she is bullied a lot at school. Spring break is coming up soon and she and Mike are finally getting together.

As for what's going on inside Hawkins, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) are still in a long-distance relationship, while Steve (Joe Keery) and Robin (Maya Hawke) are still super friends. Max (Sadie Sink) is now an outcast after excluding her friends and even breaking up with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin). And for Lucas, she is now part of the basketball team and is on her way to becoming popular.

While Lucas plays sports, Mike and Dustin are part of the Dungeons & Dragons group called The Hellfire Club at school. It will be directed by Stranger Things newcomer Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), who is a super fun character that fans will fall in love with.

Joyce receives a mysterious package sent to California and notices that the stamps appear to be from Russia. She quickly opens it to find a Russian doll. Creepy or a sign of Hopper (David Harbour)? We will find out very soon.

Eleven bumps into Jane at school and we see how she is mistreated while presenting a project about Hopper. A popular girl named Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) bullies her and Will doesn't even stand up for her. She is very sad! Elsewhere in the episode, he tries to use his powers on Angela and they don't work. It's a super scary moment because everyone thinks El is weird.

Max sees the school counselor, Ms. Kelly (Regina Ting Chen), though she seems reluctant to open up. We learn that, understandably, she is still grieving the death of her stepbrother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), and that her mother drank and worked two jobs. They also had to move to a trailer park, which didn't go down well with Max. In the hallway, Max sees Lucas asking him to come to his basketball game. They argue for a bit and Lucas says that she was acting like a "ghost".

Why did Max and Lucas end up on Stranger Things?

Their split takes place before season 4 ends, but it seems pretty obvious that Max and Lucas broke up after Billy's death. Max is withdrawn and wants to be left alone, while Lucas apparently hasn't and still doesn't know how to handle it. She says that she has changed, which is probably true. After the events of the season 3 finale, she is different now.

Max appears to have a headache from drinking some Tylenol, and while in the bathroom, he overhears a distraught girl at one of the stalls. It is the popular cheerleader Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) who tells Max that she is fine. Max comes out of the bathroom and we see that all is definitely not well. There is a knock on the door and we hear a woman's voice talking to Chrissy. The lights go on and off, and then some kind of monster appears in front of the cabin. Her voice is distorted, first sounding like Chrissy's mother and then something completely different. Then it disappears.

We get to know Eddie a bit better in the diner as he talks about Dungeons & Dragons and how Mike and Dustin will have to take over the group once he graduates. They have a game that night and they run into "The Curse of Vecna" which is a big problem for everyone.

Desperate for answers, Joyce calls Murray (Brett Gelman) for help with the Russian doll. She suggests that she open it to see if there's a faucet inside or something else. Later in the episode, Joyce will surely break the doll and see a note inside it. The letter says that Hopper is alive!

Surprisingly, even though Mike is visiting Eleven for spring break, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) won't be spending any time together. We see Nancy's classmate Fred (Logan Riley Bruner), who she works with on the school newspaper, pestering her about why Jonathan isn't coming to visit, while Argyle continues to ask Jonathan why Nancy isn't coming to school. California. They both have excuses, but it's obvious there could be trouble in heaven for the couple.

Chrissy is still feeling distraught and we see her walking alone across the school field and into the woods. She sees a grandfather clock placed randomly in a tree and calls out if anyone is there. The clock glass breaks and spiders begin to come out. Scary! Eddie appears and the clock is gone.

Eddie is there to sell Chrissy Weed, and she tells him that she feels like he's "losing it." They have a sweet conversation about how they met in high school, even though the two are totally different today. She asks if she could sell him something stronger than marijuana.

That night, Mike and Dustin recruit Erica (Priah Ferguson) to play Dungeons & Dragons while Lucas is busy with the school basketball team. Though Eddie is reluctant to let her play, Erica proves her worth to her and it's an amazing game!

At the end of the episode, Max watches as Eddie and Chrissy enter their trailer. Eddie explains to Chrissy that he lives with her uncle, and while looking for stronger drugs, Chrissy encounters the monster again. She sees her mother with bright eyes and black skin trying to hurt her. She is transported to her own home in a vision and sees her father with her mouth sewn shut and her eyes closed. It is cold! Eddie sees Chrissy and tries to talk her down, as she is clearly in a daze.

How does Chrissy die in Stranger Things?

The trailer's lights start to flicker and then go out again, and we hear the voice of the new villain Vecna ​​say, "It's time for him to end his suffering." He touches Chrissy's face in the other dimension and, in real life, watches Eddie as she begins to levitate. She is soon on the roof when all her bones begin to bend backwards and break. Her eyes pop out of her sockets and she's dead like that. Eddie is understandably beyond scared.

We don't really get it then, but Vecna ​​is capable of killing Chrissy from the Upside Down. Then the episode ends, ending what could be the best.weird thingspremiere never!

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2 Synopsis: "The Curse of Vecna"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (2)

WEIRD THINGS. (Left to right) Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield and Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

We have another great scene in Episode 2 when we finally find out how Hopper survived the Starcourt Mall explosion in Season 3! In a flashback to Hop's "death", we see him jump out of the way just as everything explodes. He lands somewhere on the ground, not the other way around.

How is Hopper captured by the Russians in Stranger Things?

Later in the episode, we see Hop climb the last one, only to be confronted by the Russians. They beat him unconscious, tie him up and ask who he works for. Of course he's not working for anyone who wants information on the Russians, he was just there to close the door backwards. But the Russians do not believe him and torture him. They're taking him back to Russia.

Max wakes up in the present in a panic and takes more Tylenol, only for the police to get to Eddie.

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Mike arrives in California and is met at the airport by Eleven, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle. Will and Mike are very awkward for some reason, and it seems obvious that when Mike and Eleven are together, Will feels left out. He's definitely in the third wheel, which sucks. He once lies to Mike about having friends, which confuses Will. Meanwhile, Murray also arrives in California.

Lucas wakes up with a super hangover after the basketball game with his teammates. You watch the news and see that a student has been killed, although the reporters have yet to release the name. Chrissy is dating one of the basketball players, Jason (Mason Dye), and he anxiously watches. Chrissy was supposed to join them the night before, but she never showed up. The police then arrive, making the situation even more concerning for the team.

At school, the yearbook club also watches the news. Nancy gets the idea to investigate the crime scene, and she and Fred go there. Along the way, Nancy admits that something is going on between her and Jonathan.

Dustin is watching the news with his mom when Max arrives and tells him that he saw Eddie and Chrissy together. Max says that Eddie is the prime suspect, though Dustin dismisses the possibility. He also explains that strange things happened to him the night before, like the lights flickering and he heard a scream. He looked out the window once and saw a terrified Eddie get into his car and drive away frantically. Which begs the question: did something else kill Chrissy? You know only Eddie will have the answers.

Murray arrives at Byers and reads the letter with Joyce. According to the note, the sender does not want to involve the government, but claims that Hopper is alive. The person also signed "Enzo," which fans know is the name of the restaurant Joyce and Hop almost went to for their date, which never happened. A phone number is included in the letter, so Joyce and Murray know the only way to find out anything else is to make a phone call.

When they call, a man answers a pay phone in Russia and answers the name of Enzo. He asks Joyce for a $40,000 advance, explaining that if he goes to Alaska and gives the money to someone named Yuri (Nikola Đjuričko), he will get Hopper back. He claims that Hopper is "under arrest", but when he gets the money, he will let him "loose".

Mike, Eleven and Will go skating and Will confronts Eleven about why she lied about having friends and being popular. He tells her that Mike will be mad once he finds out about her. Angela arrives and sees Mike and Eleven together, which leads her to plan a big prank.

Back in Hawkins, Jason is questioned by the police about what he did last night and it turns out that Chrissy was the murdered student.

Max and Dustin go to the video store where Steve and Robin are working to set up a "home base". They start looking for Eddie's friend's phone numbers to find him, informing Steve and Robin of everything that happens along the way.

Nancy and Fred arrive at the trailer park and lie to the police to get in, saying they want to check on Max. Then a really crazy sequence happens when the cop tells Fred that she knows him and that Fred killed a kid in an accident. He points to the scar on his face and then his voice is distorted. Bugs appear on his face and he calls Fred a murderer. Neighbor, is that you?

Jonathan and Argyle have a serious talk about Nancy, during which Jonathan says he's a little relieved she didn't get off the plane with Mike. It turns out that Jonathan was accepted to Lenora Hills Community College, which is where Argyle attends school, and he wants to go there too. He no longer wants to go to Emory University with Nancy and claims that he can't leave Will and Joyce alone. He says that he doesn't want a dream that isn't his. Argyle advises him to tell Nancy the truth.

On the track, Angela walks up to Eleven and Mike and pretends to be nice to them. She picks up Eleven and takes her skating while another popular guy films. You already know that something bad is about to happen. When Will tells Mike about Eleven's reality and explains that she has no friends of hers and that they are stalking her, the popular kids pull a nasty prank on him. They surround her with her and one of them throws a milkshake at her, making her fall to the ground.

Eddie mata a Chrissy en Stranger Things?

When the US Army arrives in Hawkins to find out how Chrissy was murdered in such an unusual way, Jason takes matters into his own hands. He, of course, blames Eddie for his murder and calls the Hellfire Club a cult. He believes that Eddie believes that he is actually living the game in real life. Despite this belief, it is definitely not Eddie who kills Chrissy. That would be Vecna's doing.

Eventually, Max finds a lead at the video store after finding out that Eddie gets his drugs from someone named Reefer Rick. Steve suggests going to the police with this information, but is discouraged. Robin searches the system for all the Ricks who rent videos from the store and finds someone named Rick Lipton who rentsFast Times at Ridgemont Highand several timesCheech and Chong movies. Of course it has to be!

At the trailer park, Nancy tries to question people about what happened to Chrissy and starts talking to Eddie's uncle Wayne (Joel Stoffer). He tells Nancy that Eddie wouldn't kill anyone and that whoever did the murder is evil. She mentions Victor Creel (Robert Englund), a man who is said to have killed his family years ago and gouged out their eyes. Creel now lives at Pennhurst Mental Hospital. Wayne compares him to Michael Myers, which is very scary.

Meanwhile, Fred wanders into the woods near the trailer park and sees a wall clock on the ground. He looks mesmerized and then sees a group of really scary people dressed in black behind him. One of the girls points at him and calls him a murderer.

Mike and Will try to find Eleven at the track, but she hides. However, she soon leaves and is confronted by Angela. She asks Angela to tell Mike that they are actually friends, to which Angela makes a horrible joke about Hopper's death. Angered, Eleven grabs a skateboard from someone sitting near her and punches Angela in the face. She begins to bleed profusely and Mike and Will show up. Mike asks Eleven what it was that made him go back to Dr. Brenner, who asks him the same question in the Rainbow Room.

Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve arrive at Reefer Rick's house and notice a shed behind. Eddie shows up and explains everything that happened. Given all their Upside Down experience, it's clear they believe in Eddie and share everything they went through in Hawkins with him.

¿Fred muere en Stranger Things?

Back at the trailer park, Nancy is unable to find Fred and notifies the officer that he is missing. We see Fred walking out of the woods onto the road only to find an overturned car in flames. He then falls into what appears to be a grave and is unable to get out. Vecna ​​appears and tells him that she would like Fred to "join [him]", as we see Fred floating down the street. Fred is killed in the same way as Chrissy, and later sees Vecna ​​waking up in a house.

What becomes clear in this episode is that Fred has already killed someone in a car accident and fled the scene. Vecna ​​uses this against him to lure and murder him. He is wild!

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 3 Synopsis: "The Beast and the Superhero"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (3)

WEIRD THINGS. Millie Bobby Brown as Elf in STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

We are transported to a different location in Episode 3 as it opens in Ruth, Nevada. Army Colonel Sullivan (Sherman Augustus) shows up at Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) looking for answers. Although Owens no longer works at Hawkins Lab, the military believes that Eleven is still alive and believes that she is responsible for Chrissy's murder. They break into Owen's house and try to find her.

On the track, the paramedics arrive to treat Angela and it's a great scene. Argyle and Jonathan take the children and try to make Eleven feel better about what she has done. It's a strange ride, as El is clearly embarrassed and Mike is disappointed in her. When they get home, Murray makes dinner and pretends that he was in the area.

At dinner, Joyce tells everyone that she has a business trip to Alaska and asks Jonathan to take the lead. Everyone is surprised by Joyce's trip and she decides not to tell them about Hopper. The next morning, Will and Mike make waffles for Eleven, but she doesn't come out of her room. Mike finally goes to talk to her and she says she doesn't understand what he's feeling. Thinking that she is a monster, she confronts Mike about how he can never say that he loves her.

Mike and Eleven break up in Stranger Things season 4?

Mike tells Eleven that she is a superhero that he doesn't believe in anymore because she doesn't have her powers. The police then arrive at Byers and Eleven is arrested for what she did to Angela. Joyce and Murray are gone, so aside from Mike, Will, and Jonathan, there's no one to protect El. Mike and El don't break up in Season 4, Volume 1, but this is the biggest fight they've ever had. Whenever they meet they will have a lot to talk about.

Back in Hawkins, the group brings Eddie food and tells him that the police think he killed Chrissy and are looking for him. They decide that all they have to do is find Vecna, kill him, and prove Eddie's innocence, which is obviously much easier said than done. Without Eleven, they don't have much of a plan.

They meet Nancy at the trailer park and explain everything that happened and decide to split up as soon as Nancy suspects something. She and Robin go to the library while Max, Dustin and Steve go to the school counselor after finding out that Chrissy is also accompanying her to meetings. Nancy wants to know more about Victor Creel and tells Robin that she thinks he might be somehow involved in the murders.

While all this is going on, the basketball team is on a mission to find Eddie. Lucas joins them and they go to the home of a Hellfire Club member to question her. To Lucas's horror, Dustin's name is revealed and the group decides to go to his house. When they get there, Lucas sneaks into Dustin's room and calls his friends on the walkie-talkie, after which Max tells him to meet them at school. Jason and the team find Lucas inside and question him. To distract her, Lucas says that he found a clue and knows where Eddie is hiding.

Elf is questioned by the police and told that she gave Angela a concussion. When she asks if she tried to kill her, Eleven admits that she doesn't know. They decide to take her to a youth center, put her in a van and take her away. He looks out the back window and sees Mike standing in the street, devastated.

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Hopper gears up for his big escape plan and asks a fellow prisoner to hit the handcuffs on his ankle with a hammer. Joyce and Murray arrive in Alaska to meet Yuri. Later in his cell, Hop looks at his ankle and it's in pretty bad shape. He tries to move it to remove the restraint, but it's too painful. He looks like he plans to dislocate his ankle so he can get it out, but that's not possible right now.

Max talks to Ms. Kelly to find out information about Chrissy, but she doesn't share anything confidential. Disappointed, Max snoops around and steals something before running off and asking Steve to get out of there quickly. At school, they drop by Mrs. Kelly and find out that she is also dating Fred. There is an obvious connection between all of Vecna's victims.

As Eleven is stopped by the van, the cars begin to follow and corner them. A woman gets out of the car and asks if they are taking El with them, and when they open the back doors, El tries to escape. However, he is surprised when he sees Dr. Owens get out of the car and greet them.

We see Robin and Nancy doing research in the library and they talk a bit about Steve. Robin wants to make sure Nancy knows that there is nothing romantic between them, though Nancy refuses. They collect old copies of a newspaper called The Weekly Watcher, in which they find an article about Victor Creel. Apparently, he believed his house was cursed by a demon when his family was killed.

¿Eleven es compatible con Owens en Stranger Things?

We go to a restaurant called County Line Cafe, where Dr. Owens is sitting with Eleven. He has a lot to explain! He tells her that she's not in trouble for the incident at the track, but he came to her because Hawkins is in danger. She describes the city's evil as a virus that gets stronger every time she returns. "There's a war coming," he tells El. The only way to save Hawkins once and for all is with Eleven's help, but Owens assures him the choice is his. He can take her home if she wants, but she can also go with Owens.

Of course, a big concern for Eleven is that she has lost her powers. How can he save Hawkins again if he doesn't have them? Owens tells El that she believes there is a way for her to get her powers back and that she has prepared for something like this. The army believes that Eleven is the cause of all this evil, but Owens believes that she is the cure. When the waitress arrives at the table with her food, we see that they have already left, showing that she has agreed to go with him.

The final scene of the episode is at the school, where Max learns more about the connections that unite all the victims, and even connects them with them. Fred and Chrissy had nosebleeds, nightmares, headaches, and trauma before they died. It's the same thing Max is going through. She walks into the hallway and sees a grandfather clock on the wall before Vecna ​​calls her name and her bright blue eyes appear.

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: "Dear Billy"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (4)

STRANGER THINGS (L-R) Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, Sadie Sink as Max, Joe Keery as Steve, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin en STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

This episode is a big one for the season! It starts with some of Dr. Owens's colleagues stopping by the Byers' house to tell the guys what's going on with Eleven...sort of. Basically, you only give them the bare minimum of information, which really annoys them. Two agents are assigned to the children to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't try to go to Hawkins or find Eleven.

Robin and Nancy rejoin the group at school, and Max explains his connection to Vecna's victims. She believes that she may die tomorrow based on the time of Chrissy and Fred's death. The group discuss how the Upside Down could have existed for millions of years, and wonder why Vecna ​​would attack now. Max begins writing letters to everyone, including one to Billy, as she prepares for his possible death.

Desperate for answers, Robin and Nancy hatch a plan to pose as psychologists so they can go to Pennhurst and talk to Victor Creel. You meet a Dr. Hatch (Ed Amatrudo) at the asylum, who they surprisingly convince to let them meet Creel.

In Lenora Hills, Jonathan notices a Surfer Boy pizza coupon in the refrigerator where Argyle works and hatches a plan to get them out. He suggests that the agents order pizza and they agree. Jonathan hopes that once Argyle arrives, he, Mike, and Will can escape. Elsewhere in the house, Mike talks to Will about his fight with Eleven and says that he seems more grown up than ever. He suspects whether or not Owens can protect El.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Murray arrive at the Fish and Fly in Alaska to meet Yuri, who turns out to be a complete jerk. They give him the $40,000 and assume he will help them get Hopper back.

Will Hopper escape Russia in Stranger Things season 4?

It seems so, but not in Episode 4. In Russia, Hopper is in full escape mode when we see him take down a guard and start to run away. He hides in one of the sheds to remove her chains, but another guard finds him and they get into a physical fight. He fires a gun, alarming everyone in the shed, but Hop thinks quickly. He detonates a stick of dynamite as he steps off the roof of the shed, which explodes just as he escapes.

Hop flees to a nearby town and takes a hidden key to a building. There he finds boxes of peanut butter to eat and a bed to lie on. Looks like he's finally free! But is he? Not yet. The guards show up and capture him as Yuri has betrayed them. He decided to reveal his plan to the Russian guards to get more money. Back in Alaska, Joyce and Murray discover that they have been drugged.

Max goes home to visit his mother and hands her the letter she wrote, which quickly turns into a truly chilling scene. He scares her mother by asking, "What if something happens to me?" and suddenly a dark cloud falls on her and her mother turns into Vecna ​​as they hug each other. "You've ruined everything. Your time is almost up," Vecna ​​tells Max. It's a scene from a horror movie!

What happened to Victor Creel's family in Stranger Things?

Robin and Nancy find Creel and inform him that they believe whatever killed his family is in Hawkins. Here we have a fantastic flashback sequence in which Creel remembers what happened years ago. We see a young Creel played by himOzarkKevin L. Johnson moves into his new home with his family. He says that they had peace in this house for about a month until the evil broke out. Dead animals turned up, spiders were everywhere, and strange and inexplicable encounters took place. Creel believes that the house has been cursed by a demon.

One fateful night, Creel was trapped in some kind of trance, and when he snapped back to reality, his wife and daughter were dead, the same way Vecna ​​killed Chrissy and Fred. However, Creel's youngest son, Henry, was in a coma. He never confirms if he lived or died.

Creel remembers thinking that he heard an angel singing the song "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" and tried to follow along. But it was too late. While incarcerated for the murders, Creel attempted suicide and ended up gouging out his own eyes. While it is widely believed that he killed his family, we know that this cannot be true. Not with what we know about Vecna.

When Nancy tries to ask who the angel was, Hatch appears and says that he knows that she and Robin lied. You don't have much time to get out of there before the police arrive.

Mike and Will have a cute moment when a car pulls up at the house and they think it's the pizza delivery guy. However, as soon as one of the agents opens the door, members of the army enter and start shooting. There is a full firefight that is so intense! Eventually, Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Agent Harmon manage to escape with the help of Argyle, who shows up just in time. However, Harmon was shot and he may not survive.

At Billy's grave, Max reads the letter aloud to him. He soon falls darkness and hears a strange laugh. After watching her in the car with Dustin and Lucas for a while, Steve decides to go see her. When he gets there, he realizes that she is in some sort of trance as her eyes roll back. From Max's point of view, it seems that Vecna ​​is playing a trick on him when she is in the Upside Down and confronts Billy.

Is Billy in Stranger Things season 4?

That's right, Billy's inweird thingsSeason 4! But she did not rise from the dead. Instead, Max has a vision of Billy raising Vecna ​​in the Upside Down. He tells her that he thinks she's relieved and happy that he's dead, which Max denies. Billy then transforms into Vecna ​​and Max flees, further into the Upside Down.

Dustin calls Robin and Nancy on the walkie-talkie as they try to avoid trouble and escape Pennhurst. Nancy realizes that Creel's mention of music must be important, just as listening to pleasant music can bring someone back to reality when she is under Vecna's curse. When they finally get on the radio, Nancy tells Dustin to play Max's favorite song for her, since he might save her in the end.

Does Max die in Stranger Things season 4?

Luckily Max doesn't die.weird thingsSeason 4! Not in Volume 1 anyway. In The Upside Down, she keeps traveling until she reaches Vecna's house. He is surprised to see her there and even seems a bit upset that she found it. But as soon as her favorite Kate Bush song "Running Up That Hill" starts playing, a portal opens and she can see the real world.

In the real world, Max starts to levitate and the boys are scared waiting to see what will happen. In his mind, Max sees all of his favorite memories of Hawkins and manages to free himself from Vecna's grasp. She runs towards the opening and re-enters reality. The episode ends with her safely returning to the real world.

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 5 Synopsis: "The Nina Project"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (5)

STRANGER THINGS (L-R) Millie Bobby Brown como Eleven en STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Cortesía de Netflix � 2022

(Video) Game of Thrones RECAP for Seasons 1-7 (under 7 minutes!)

Episode 5 opens with Surfer Boy's pizza truck driving away while Agent Harmon bleeds from his back. Jonathan says they need to go to the hospital, but is surprised when Harmon says they need to go to Dr. Find Owens because "the girl", aka Eleven, is in danger. He mentions Nina's name, which confuses everyone because they don't know Nina. He tries to give them a number, but can't. He dies after handing out a pen he had, which the boys still don't think about. They realize a car is following them, so Argyle has no choice but to pull off the road.

Meanwhile, in Byers, the army destroys her house and finds a note Eleven left for Mike saying she was going to be a superhero again. They threaten the wounded officer still there and demand answers about Eleven's whereabouts.

Eleven and Owens arrive in Nevada and go through a secret door in the middle of the desert to find Owen's underground laboratory, which he has repurposed for the occasion. Owens explains that the workers there left their lives and families behind because of his belief in Eleven. The isolation tank machine they have is called Nina, which is what Agent Harmon referred to earlier, and we get a surprise return of a character we haven't seen in a while.

¿Vive el Dr. Burner en Stranger Things?

Dr. Brenner is back and he's very much alive! He and Owens work together, and unsurprisingly, Eleven is horrified. Not trusting Brenner, she tries to run away from her, but her guards stop her and inject some of her to knock her unconscious. "You're home now," Brenner says.

In Russia, Dmitri is now in prison with Hopper and explains that Yuri ratted them out. Now they are out of luck, which makes Hopper very angry. Yuri plans to take Joyce and Murray to Russia in hopes of selling them and buying a new house. Later, Hopper has a great monologue talking to Dmitri about feeling like a curse. He remembers the death of his daughter Sara and her war experiences. It's really exciting! Dmitri tells her that he heard rumors about a monster in the prison and says that they are going to die.

During one of Owen's lab experiments in the isolation tank, Eleven begins to recall her memories. She wakes up in her room "11" at Hawkins Lab and goes to the Rainbow Room. Other children are there and she begins to talk to a caretaker (Jamie Campbell Bower) who tells her not to go too far. This moment plays on an endless loop as El refuses to recall any more memories from that time.

In California, Argyle, Mike, Jonathan and Will bury Agent Harmon's body in the desert. Argyle starts to freak out when Mike and Will have a heart-to-heart. They discover that the pen Harmon gave Mike is not working, which is suspicious. You open it and see a phone number written on a rolled piece of paper. But what phone number is this? Argyle leads them to a pay phone and Mike calls the number, but it only makes strange noises, indicating that the number is actually a computer. Realizing that they need someone to help them hack, they head to Salt Lake City to visit Suzie!

One of Lucas's basketball friends, Patrick (Myles Truitt), is being chased by Vecna ​​when he sees a grandfather clock at Chrissy's funeral. The team realizes that Lucas is part of the Hellfire Club and calls it a cult. One of them gets the idea that they should add Reefer Rick's house to their list of where to look for Eddie. When they arrive, they see fresh food on the stove, which means Eddie doesn't have much time to get out.

Steve, Nancy, Robin, Lucas, Dustin, and Max decide to visit Creel House for information on Vecna. The grandfather clock is inside and they agree to split up to investigate different rooms. The lights start to flicker as they wonder if Vecna ​​is around. Nancy and Robin have a nice moment together, while Lucas and Max also have a nice chat. The group senses that Vecna ​​might be there when her lantern glows red.

We finally see that Vecna ​​is under the house and floating in the air in the Upside Down. Scary!

Back in Eleven's memories, she remembers the other kids making fun of her before showing another memory of people screaming and blood everywhere.

Did Joyce and Murray die in Stranger Things?

Yuri holds Joyce and Murray hostage and takes them to Russia, but Joyce and Murray have a different plan. However, Yuri catches them colluding and gets into a physical fight with Murray. Finally, Murray knocks Yuri unconscious, which turns out to be a big problem since neither Murray nor Joyce can fly a plane. He begins to sink and is dropped into the snowy forest. Fortunately, they make it out alive. Just like Yuri.

Back at Reefer Rick's, Eddie manages to escape in a small boat on the lake behind the house, but the engine doesn't work. Jason and Patrick jump into the water as Eddie desperately tries to row as fast as he can. Patrick begins to freak out and is pulled underwater and soon begins to float. Unfortunately, you already know what comes next. In the process, all of the lights in Creel House are broken and shattered.

Owens and Brenner snap Eleven back to reality and she tries to escape again using her powers! But they don't work for long. She says that she doesn't understand and agrees to work with Brenner again because of her commitment to get her powers back forever. Now they are in this together.

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: "The Dive"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (6)

WEIRD THINGS. (From left to right) Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley in STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

The cops arrive at Rick's house and see Patrick lying in Jason's arms. Jason is questioned by them and they don't listen to his story. They still blame Eddie for everything, but Jason says that Eddie was just a vessel after making a deal with the devil. He really thinks that D&D is dangerous. The policemen go down to the water to investigate what happened and find Eddie.

In Nevada, Brenner tells Eleven that her mind went crazy when she was attacked in Hawkins last year, like she had a stroke. It's why she lost her powers and why Brenner is so confident that he can relearn them. He explains why it's so important to remember his trauma, telling him that he has "demons in [his] past." But he warns him to take one memory at a time because he might get lost in the "dark".

Eddie escapes the scene and steals a walkie-talkie from a construction site. He's on his way to Skull Rock.

Mike, Jonathan, Will and Argyle arrive at Suzie's house and a little boy answers the door. Inside it's absolute chaos, some kids running around, some filming a movie, and some cooking. Argyle falls for one of the brothers at first sight and they find Suzie outside on the roof.

Is the Demogorgon in Russia in Stranger Things?

After the plane crashes in Russia, Joyce and Murray call Yuri to help them and take her to prison to save Hopper. At the prison, Hop and the other prisoners are surprisingly brought to a room with a large banquet. They all start to chew, but Hopper decides to drink and drinks some vodka. All the men believe they are fed so they can fight and defeat the mysterious monster, but Hopper knows otherwise. He has a feeling that the monster is a Demogorgon brought from Hawkins and doesn't think these men can survive.

Hop tells the men that the reason they are getting so much food is not because they are strong, but because they are big and fat so the monster can feed. He confirms the monster's appearance and tells everyone that he has met one before.

The number one exists in Stranger Things

Back in El's memories, she has another conversation with the nurse, who says that she reminds her of Number One. She states that even though Dr. Brenner says Number One doesn't exist, he exists. Of course, this is very exciting for us viewers, who have wanted to know something about the first test experiment for a long time. "This place and the people here are not what you think they are," she tells Eleven, as Dr. Owens in the real world, Brenner says that they should have told Eleven the truth. Scary!

He recalls more memories of being bullied by the kids at Hawkins Lab, and one is particularly nasty. When she comes back to reality, she is convinced that he has killed everyone in the Rainbow Room.

After Patrick's death, the police hold a town hall meeting and the parents and townspeople are very angry that more and more murders are happening. Jason and the basketball team show up, and Jason takes the microphone to tell everyone what happened. He believes that Eddie made ritual sacrifices for the satanic cult he belongs to, also known as The Hellfire Club. Erica yells at him in the crowd and says that the club is just a group for nerds, not satanists. Jason hands out fliers to everyone with a picture of the Hellfire Club on it, and Mike's parents, Dustin and Lucas, are obviously very concerned.

Yuri takes Joyce and Murray to his warehouse in Russia and they see all of his weapons. You want to go to jail as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Hopper is drunk in prison and yells at Dmitri. They physically fight and he tries to take down one of the guards but loses. In his cell, Hopper explains that the Demogorgon hates fire, which is why he has the vodka and now a lighter that he stole from the guard when he hit him. Dmitri laughs at the possibility that they actually survive the Demogorgon.

In Utah, we learn more about Suzie's unlikely family, and she secretly uses her father's computer to find out what the number is. She gets a location in Nevada and prints it for the group. Of course, that place is where Eleven is.

Hawkins' group tries to find out where the other gate to the Upside Down is and to get to the Lake of Lovers. Nancy, Steve, and Robin take a boat with Eddie while Dustin, Lucas, and Max stay behind. Steve takes off his shirt to get ready to jump in the water to see what's down there and it's obvious Nancy is watching him! the back half ofweird thingsSeason 4 volume 1 strongly hints that she and Steve are getting back together. Poor Jonathan!

Underwater, Steve sees fish bones, a red light, and a door. He touches the opening and a tentacle shoots out, sending him swimming backwards. However, the tentacle pushes him underwater, carrying him upside down. Nancy freaks out that it's taking so long and then jumps in after Steve. Robin decides to step in as well and leave Eddie alone. Eddie also reluctantly jumps in.

In the Upside Down, there are scary bats in the sky that start attacking Steve. As he drops it, a tentacle appears and strangles him. We end the episode on a cliffhanger that will have fans jumping out of their seats knowing that Steve is in grave danger!

(Video) The Chosen: Season One, Episodes 7 & 8

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7 Synopsis: "The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre"

Stranger Things Season 4 Recap Guide: Episodes 1-7 Explained (7)

WEIRD THINGS. (Left to right) Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, and Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair in STRANGER THINGS. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

We come to the last episode ofweird thingsSeason 4 Volume 1 and you better get ready because it's wild! It picks up right where we left off with Steve in The Upside Down.

Does Steve die in Stranger Things season 4?

You can breathe a sigh of relief that Steve didn't die! Nancy, Robin and Eddie arrive just in time and rescue him by hitting the bats with the boat's oars. They get into a huge fight with the creatures as they try to attack each one of them and when they see a large swarm closing in on them they flee into the woods. There, Nancy reveals that she has weapons in her house, so they decide to go there in the Upside Down.

Eleven is understandably bummed out by the tests and calls herself a monster. Brenner says that she is walking backwards and asks her to try again. Back in the isolation tank, El remembers being bullied again by Number Two, who was having trouble with the burner.

When does Vecna ​​open the gates to the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

Dustin, Max and Lucas are questioned by the police at the Wheeler house, where all of their parents and siblings are. They deny everything, but Erica calls them and says that they are lying. They all start arguing and the police decide to question the children one by one. Dustin and Lucas finally explain everything to Erica, which helps them think about her next step. They realize that every time she kills someone, Vecna ​​opens a new door.

Hopper and Dmitri prepare for the Demogorgon fight and talk about their plan, and Dmitri says that they have a 1000 to 1 chance of defeating this thing and escaping from prison. They have a nice conversation about being a parent and being their own parents. Hop believes that he can still help Eleven, even if it's the last thing he does. They realize that they are going to need a miracle.

Meanwhile, Murray arrives at the prison posing as Yuri. He has a new look, a new accent, and funny lines that really work. Joyce and Yuri are tied up in the back of the car and Murray explains that they are his American prisoners.

In The Upside Down, Steve and Eddie thank each other for supporting each other with canes, and Eddie calls Steve "Metal". They have a very funny moment where Eddie compares Steve to Ozzy Osbourne's iconic moment where he rips the head off a bat. Steve somehow doesn't even know who Ozzy Osbourne is.

Eddie then goes a little further and tells Steve that he's surprised he's such a nice guy because he's popular. Disappointed that he hadn't been more heroic, he reveals that he only jumped into the water earlier because he was too embarrassed to stay behind. Eddie also tells Steve to go back to Nancy. I love this new friendship!

What day is the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

Nancy and the gang arrive at his torn-down house to retrieve the weapons, and Steve hears Dustin's voice in the real world. When they go up to Nancy's room, he discovers that her weapons are missing and begins to notice things in her room that were created years ago. Her room is very different, with old tiles and sophomore shoes. Opening his journal, he sees an entry about Steve dated November 6, 1983, the day the door to the Upside Down opened and Will disappeared. You are in the past and you realize that the Upside Down is frozen in time.

Steve tries to get through to Dustin from the Upside Down and the group tries to use lights like Joyce once did to talk to Will. They see these strange particles or flashes in the light that fascinate them. Thanks to Eddie, they use Morse code to send an SOS to the real world. Outside, Erica notices the flickering light bulb. She thinks you might be Vecna, but then you understand the SOS signal that indicates who you really are.

In Eleven's memories, she talks to the orderly again, who convinces her that she needs to escape. He tells her that the other kids will try to kill her and that Brenner will let it happen. The orderly has a plan to get El out of there and tells her that if she wants to find out, she will have to listen carefully.

Dustin comes up with the idea to take a Lite Brite from Mike's little sister and use the lights to communicate with Steve and company in the Upside Down. They are successful, and after some trial and error, they are able to tell them to meet them at Eddie's trailer because they believe there is another door to the Upside Down there. The Upside Down gang take the bikes while the Wheelers gang run from the police and do the same, and we have this really funny scene of everyone riding their bikes down the street, some in the real world and some in the Upside Down. world.

The Demogorgon fight in Russia has just begun when Murray, Joyce, and Yuri are brought to a balcony to watch. They're obviously horrified at what could happen, but Hopper comes up with a plan that's working to some degree. He lights a spear and uses it to defend himself against the monster, as he kills most of the other prisoners. Fearing they don't have much time left, Murray threatens one of the guards to open the door so Hopper can get out and reveal his true identity. Although the guard doesn't budge, he and Joyce manage to get the upper hand again and Joyce opens the door for Hop and Dmitri to get out just in time.

Will Hopper and Joyce return in Stranger Things season 4?

Yes thank God! Hop and Dmitri walk out of one room and head straight back into another, fearing that escape is impossible. However, the next door opens and Hop sees Joyce. They share a heartwarming hug enough to bring any die-hard fan to tears!

At the trailer park in the Upside Down, Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie see something move on the wall of Eddie's trailer and a door opens. You can see Dustin and his team waiting for them; all they have to do is go through the portal. In a really cool scene, Robin goes first as she goes up to the other side. When Nancy is last, she lands on her head again and her body appears possessed as she rolls her eyes.

In the Upside Down, she is in a pool and is greeted by Vecna's voice. She sees a very dead Barb and Vecna ​​brings up the fact that Nancy still feels guilty about her death due to being killed while Nancy was with Steve. “When I kill someone, I never forget it,” Vecna ​​tells Nancy, apparently referring to Barb.

Back in the Rainbow Room in Eleven's memories, we see the season 4 opening scene begin, this time from El's point of view. She agrees to the janitor's escape plan, but when the time comes to escape, he says he can't go with him because he has a tracking chip stuck in his throat. Feeling bad for him, Eleven decides that since he has helped her so much, she will help him. She uses her powers to remove the chip from her neck and now they are trapped together. They are caught by some guards, but the orderly uses her powers and kills them. The nurse is number one!

Eleven was supposed to wait there for the nurse to return, but she begins to hear screaming and decides to walk through the lab. There is blood everywhere and Dr. Brenner is unconscious on the floor. They're all dead and she didn't do it. She goes to the rainbow room and the attendant yells at her for not waiting. But she now she has no choice but to explain everything.

Explanation of the end of season 4 of volume 1 of Stranger Things: Who is Vecna?

As the caretaker begins to explain everything to Eleven in her memories, Nancy begins to put the Upside Down together as she sees the Creel house and finds out who Vecna ​​really is. The janitor remembers his childhood and we have a flashback to Victor Creel and his family confirming that number one is Creel's son, Henry. He remembers growing up in Creel House and being obsessed with spiders and hating humans. He hated the made-up rules and routines that people followed and wanted to restore balance to the world.

Because of this, Henry discovered his powers and began using them on animals to get into their minds. But when her mother noticed something was wrong and called a doctor to see it, she decided to kill her. With each life he took, he grew stronger as each person became a part of him. He also killed his sister that night and nearly killed herself for being so young and using so much of his powers. That's why he fell into a coma.

When Henry woke up in the hospital after the incident, Dr. Brenner was there to pick him up. Brenner wanted to control Henry and his powers, but when he realized he couldn't, he began taking other children and developing his experimental program. Henry was the project; he was number one.

In real time in Eleven's memories, Number One asks El to come with him, but she refuses. She throws him against the wall and they fight, and when Eleven remembers some of her traumatic memories of her, like being bullied and having her mother taken from her, she musters enough strength to take control of her. In doing so, she opens a door to the Upside Down and plays Number One. As he flies through the Upside Down, he is struck by lightning and thunder, transforming him into the monster we've been following all season so far: Vecna. Before the end of the episode, the camera zooms in on Number One's wrist, which still has the 001 tattoo on it.

This is a banana finish that will definitely leave you wanting more! While she had a feeling the caretaker might be Victor Creel's son, she had no idea how it was all connected. I can't wait to see what comes next! Make sure you're connected with us on Netflix Life for all of ourstranger things news, and do not missStranger Things Staffel 4 Banda 2when it comes out in july

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how much do you like itweird thingsSeason 4 so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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