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alone and abandoned Artifact 29: Siphon Tube Comics 1: Bringers of Power Optional Conversation 14: The Hunter's Prey Level 2 tools Artifact 30: Tourist Manifesto Trainingshandbuch 2: Hygieneschiene Artifact 31: Ambush Map Comics 2: Termination Shock Optional Conversation 15: The military's job Ellie jokes 01 Optional Conversation 16: Rations Artifact 32: Note from the Lost Hill Fight for the book store and hunt for collectibles Ellie jokes 02 Artifact 33: Zone Exit Note Artifact 34: Candidate Checklist Firefly Pendant 11: Risk Artifact 35: Traitor's Brochure Artifact 36: Map of Lost Territories Optional Conversation 17: Waist measurement Ellie jokes 03 Artifact 37: Mother's Note Artifact 38: Hide note Hotel reception Optional Conversation 18: "No coffee" Ellie jokes 04 Artifact 39: Note to team Safe Pittsburgh Training Manual 3: Shiv Enhancement Collision in the hotel corridors Optional Conversation 19: "The Easy Way Out" basement of the hotel Artifact 40: Hotel Map Comics 03: Supplement Firefly Pendant 12: Cane Training Manual 04: Melee Node Optional talk 20: Palm landscape financial district Artifact 41: Firefly Note Optional Talk 21: Body hanging from a tree Artifact 42: Final Assault Note Artifact 43: Mob attack note Artifact 44: Truck Note Optional conversation 22: "Everyone has a family" Optional Talk 23: Military Preparatory School Optionale Konversation 24: Dawn of the Wolf escape from the tower escape the city Training Manual 5: Molotov Construction Comics 04: Tiefe Phase Firefly Pendant 13: Rios Artefakt 45: Testnotiz the skeleton crew Next: The Suburbs (Chapter 6) Upper Guide Sections Was this guide helpful? In this wiki guide FAQs Videos

Welcome to the fifth chapter of The Last of Us:Pittsburgh. Ötutorial He then takes you from one end of the city to the other, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to fend off the bad guys while finding lots of hidden treasure along the way.


In this chapter we will knowseventeenartifacts,ThreeFirefly Pendant,fourtraining manuals,fourComic-Buch jonceoptional conversations. You can see the complete lists of all the secrets in ourcollectors page.

Pittsburgh is the longest chapter in the game. If you're looking for a specific segment, check out the links below:

alone and abandonedHotel receptionfinancial districtescape the city

alone and abandoned

The chapter starts off with a bit of a rough start for our two protagonists as their car goes off the road and they are attacked by a group of bandits. You might not notice, but we'll regain control midway through this scene.

When the villain grabs Joel, yanks him out of the car, and starts banging his head hard against a particularly sharp piece of glass, you need to crush him.SQUAREEscape. If you succeed, kill your attacker and regain control once you see Ellie being attacked by a thug.


Run towards the bandit and hit him with a melee attack. This will set off another scene as Joel packs his and Ellie's backpacks as a second wave of thugs attack. Now let's regain control and aim to finish off the bandit group.

This encounter can be awkward as the store offers many spawn points and opportunities for enemies to flank Ellie and Joel. The counter on the right side of the store, for the most part, offers plenty of opportunities to hide from enemies. So use them when you need to heal or get your bearings.

Listening mode is your best friend here too. Use it to track down the baddies and take them out one by one. Some will try to interrupt you through the alley next to the building; others will hide behind shelves and attack you with melee weapons. Divide and conquer and get the job done fast.

Once that's done, look for resources in the area. There are a lot of good items to be found throughout the store.


Artifact 29: Siphon Tube

Now that you have a second to check your bag, you'll notice that two new collectibles have been added to your inventory.

The first is thesiphon hose.If you remember, this was given to Joel Bill during their last meeting inbill city.

Comics 1: Bringers of Power

Another item that magically appeared in our collectibles stack is the comic book that Ellie read on the car to Pittsburgh.


it saysbearer of strengthand a new section of our comic collection list has begun. We want to keep an eye on more of these in the future.

After looking at the two new items, exit the store and go to the garage across the street. We have to go under the blind on the left, but first loot the office on the right. Search the drawers and closet to find blades, gun ammo, and a whole lot of scrap metal.

After filling your bags, go to the shutter and interact with it. A short cutscene begins. Once you regain control, you'll find yourself in a grotesque garage turned morgue. There are a few bodies scattered across the tables, suggesting it could have been Ellie and Joel if they thought the villain was pretending to be injured.

Optional Conversation 14: The Hunter's Prey

Shortly after we regain control, the conversation between Joel and Ellie leads to aoptional call displayappears over Ellie's head.


He will talk to Joel about the bodies on the tables, and Joel will tell Ellie that it could have been them if they hadn't been so careful.

Level 2 tools

There are some important items to get from the garage, one of which is the next levelTool. You can find them in the toolbox next to the breech.

Open it to find oneshave. This means we can take our weapons to the next level on a workbench.


Artifact 30: Tourist Manifesto

Behind the table on the right you'll find a note in a toppled cage. That's himTourist Manifestoand it's our next artifact.

Pick it up, look at it and add it to our collection. It seems as if the hunters were chasing all the prey they captured after their prey was taken.

With himoptional conversation,Artifactand new set ofToolacquired, it's time to plunder the area. You can find pistol ammo and other resources in the lockers on your right. Meanwhile, the shelves on the left contain various resources and our firstRauchbombe. Get the smoke bomb and we will learn the crafting recipe needed to make it.


Now go through the door on your left and up the stairs. At the top you will find a door that leads to a hallway. Through the door on the right is a sleeping area. Enter here and plunder the area. In the lockers there are ammo for shotguns and handguns, as well as many other resources.

Trainingshandbuch 2: Hygieneschiene

When you are done looting resources, you can take oursSecond Training ManualIn this room. Look at the mattress in the middle of the sleeping area to find itHealth: railManual.

Acquisition makes medicine cabinets33% more efficient, which means you gain more health with each use.

Exit the room, go right and enter the door at the end of the hallway. We don't want to go through that.Metall Torcurrently leads to the outer roof. Upon entering the room at the end of the hall, you will find more resources and a workbench. Upgrade your weapons as you see fit using the new onesToolWe found above to make some more powerful additions.


Artifact 31: Ambush Map

After completing the workbench, look at the wall next to the door you came from. There is a map hanging on the wall.

Interact with the map to get it. It turns out that there is oneambush cardshows how the hunters want to finish off and loot the survivors. Add this bad boy to our collection.

After getting the map, exit the workbench room and climb onto the roof through the metal door on your right. Outside you will see a bonfire with burning corpses and some stairs to your left. After Ellie comments on the fire, head upstairs.


Above, Joel points to the bridge leading out of Pittsburgh and tells Ellie they're going there. Once the brief conversation is over, jump over the railing and drop onto the path below. Upon landing, chock ahead and turn right and follow the road.

Comics 2: Termination Shock

If you continue to follow the road you will see an abandoned bus on your right. Get on and go to the back of the bus.

You can find them on the floortermination shockComic that appears to be a sequel to the graphic novel that Ellie was talking about in the car. It is added to the collection.

Optional Conversation 15: The military's job

After picking up the Termination Shock comic, go around the bus and look for Ellie. She will stand in front of a car with a dead body hanging on the door.


approach, oneoptional call displayappears above your head. She will ask Joel what happened to the man and he will theorize that it was probably the army.

When the conversation ends, go left to the Pittsburgh Military Zone entrance. As you approach, you will hear a shot. Take cover behind an oncoming car and three hunters will appear. You can kill them if you wish, although they are a waste of ammo as they will eventually disappear. Hide behind one of the cars on the left and let them go the way we just went.

Ellie jokes 01

This can be quite difficult to activate, but we must do this before crossing the bus into the next area. When all three hunters are gone, stand to the left of the bus and wait about a minute. Eventually, Ellie will write a joke book.


If theoptional conversationA warning will appear over your head, press it to start a long round of nasty Ellie pranks. As mentioned above, it can take quite a while to kick in, but it's crucial to hitting 100%, so wait until she decides to lighten the mood.

When you're done, get on the bus and get off on the other side. You are outside a military checkpoint. On the right you will find a table with junk to loot. Once you get it, don't go through the checkpoint. We have some collectibles to tick off.

Optional Conversation 16: Rations

Wait for Ellie to approach the graffiti on the wall next to the table with the trash. After reading aoptional call displaywill appear.

Interact with him to talk to Ellie about the military's approach to rationing. This will give you even more insight into the subpar treatment of the survivors by the military after the outbreak.

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Artifact 32: Note from the Lost Hill

Jump over the barricade near the Ration graffiti and search the checkpoint booth. You will find a notepad with thelost hill note.

Read it and add it to your backpack.

Fight for the book store and hunt for collectibles

With the optional conversation and the artifact in mind, go through the checkpoint and enter the area in front of you. The next stage can be quite a tricky combat encounter. We pass a bookstore full of hunters.


After entering the area, listenThreeHunters speak ahead. Sneak in and wait for him to finish the conversation. Use your bow to take out all three silently, and retrieve as many arrows as you can after they're dead.

Now turn your attention to the bookstore. On the ground floor you will findfourhunter while anotherfourHe'll patrol upstairs. On the paths below the ground floor landing, wait for the hunters to finish their conversation, then eliminate them while they're out of sight. If you're worried someone might see you, use bow to silently finish them off.

When all four are dead, head up the stairs near where we entered. From here, use the arrow keys to eliminate the two guards closest to the stairs. Once they're down, sneak down the landing and take out the last of the stragglers. Don't leave yet because this area is full of goodies for you to snag. Let's go hunting for valuable collectibles, but keep an eye on the resources. You'll find lots of arrows, crafting items, ammo, and other useful items and parts.

Ellie jokes 02

Let's start on the ground floor. Go to the northeast corner of the bookstore and find the kitchen. Coincidentally, this is the same room we'll find it inDrop Zone notice Artifact.


Wait here a few seconds and Ellie will read the joke book and begin her second stand up routine. Get ready to hear some great jokes and do it rightTRIANGLEto start the interaction.

Artifact 33: Zone Exit Note

in the same room asEllie's second round of jokes.(the kitchen on the northeast side of the bookstore), you'll find our next artifact.

On the table to your right as you enter the kitchen you will find theDrop Zone noticewaiting to be picked up.


Artifact 34: Candidate Checklist

This note can be found under the stairs on the right as you enter the bookstore. If you look under the stairs you will find a bookshelf.

It's on the shelfCandidate Checklist. Pick it up to add to our collection.

Firefly Pendant 11: Risk

Search the alley accessed through the windows on the west side of the bookstore's lower level. Here you can see a fallen display case.


is behind the windowDangerous firefly pendant. Take it and add it to our collection.

Artifact 35: Traitor's Brochure

Head back to the small area where we found the three hunters before entering the bookstore. It's the place with cover right at the entrance.

Look at the door you entered the area through and you will see thoseTraitor Flyernext to it is a grey-yellow box with hazard warnings.

Artifact 36: Map of Lost Territories


Finally, go to the second floor and look for that"Rio Cafe"next to a flaming barrel. The cafeteria bathroom is to the right of the counter.

The bathroom door is aknife gateHowever, this is not optional if you want to achieve 100% completion status.

Use the razor and search the room for junk, supplies, and crafting items, then grab thisLost Territories Mapnext to the sink.

After capturing all the collectibles nearby, go up the fire escape to the left of the onerivers of coffee. You will go. Follow the path ahead, down the steel stairs and through an area where two soldiers are hanging from a pole. Ellie will comment on the haunting sight. Next to the lamp, go around the corner and up the metal steps in front of you.


Once you get to the top, drop onto the truck under the steps and then onto the ground. You can find some supplements in the trash next to the truck (you probably shouldn't take them with you, but Joel just built something else I think). Turn the corner of the alley and go down the street at the end of the passage.

A cutscene begins with Joel and Ellie crouching behind a cab as some hunters appear in front of them. After the cutscene ends, don't go where the hunters were. Turn around and go to the graffiti sign that says "death for freedom. On the left side of this area you will find some junk and on the right side some resources.

Optional Conversation 17: Waist measurement

As you explore this section, the followingoptional conversationis triggered while Ellie is looking at a picture of a model in a clothing store.

Ellie will comment on the model's height and start the conversation. Tune in and Joel will discuss attitudes towards weight loss in the world before the outbreak.


Ellie jokes 03

After completing the optional conversation, wait a few seconds in this area. Ellie will end up pulling out the joke book for a third round of terrifying puns.

TakeTRIANGLEto indicate attack and endure embarrassment. You want 100%? This is the price. Worth it? Probably not.

Artifact 37: Mother's Note

After the pranks are finally over, look for a door with a red X on it. It's to the left of the yellow can that Joel hid in the last cutscene.


this door is aDolchhalterand another that we must open to beat 100%. Once inside you'll find plenty to loot including arrows, pistol ammo, scrap metal and more.

On an armchair near the entrance you will also find themMother's note, which tells a tragic story. Joel will comment on this and then he will have officially marked another artifact.

Go to where we saw the hunters at the crime scene with the jokes and open door. To get to where the hunters were, we need to get Ellie in the truck. When you're ready, dive into the pool of water ahead and swim north until you find a wooden paddle behind the trucks. Pick it up and bring it to Ellie. He will jump on the paddle. Now take it to the truck the hunters were in.


Ellie jumps down and puts a wooden plank between the truck the hunters were in and a second truck on the left. Now just go to the top of the truck on the left and go over it. Swim through the doors at the back of the truck on the left and use the side door to enter an abandoned diner.

We can get on the truck from here through the small area with the counter, but first let's examine the upper level of the canteen. We can reach it by swimming through the sunken arch at the back of the store.

Artifact 38: Hide note

Take the stairs to the second floor and you are on a walkway overlooking the balcony. Follow the hallway and you'll find a knife, some supplies and thishidden note.

Take the stash note, read it and throw it in your backpack. This is another artifact for the collection.


Go down the stairs, get in the truck and go to the other side. Walk straight ahead and you will see the hotel entrance. Exit the window to begin the second section of the chapter.

Hotel reception

You end up in the hotel lobby, which these days is more swampy than luxurious five-star accommodation.

There is a lot going on in this lobby, including a safety deposit box behind the check-in desk on your right. We'll be right back in the vault. Let's look around first.

Optional Conversation 18: "No coffee"

Once you reach the hotel, turn left and follow the path until you see a bar with a large brass coffee maker behind it. Approaching the coffee machine, aoptional call displaywill appear.


Click here to hear Joel talk about missing coffee.

It is worth noting that thisThe optional conversation announcement is replaced with a point-of-interest promptin The Last of Us: Part I Remake. Make sure to check it off the list anyway.

After examining the machine, take the ladder opposite the bar and go left. Lean it against the wall under the broken railing upstairs. Now you can enter the second floor.

Ellie jokes 04

It's that time again. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, wait a minute. Soon Ellie will pick up that joke book for the fourth time and start berating you with violent puns.

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Take it, stay there and wait for it to end. Nobody said that achieving 100% is easy. What did you expect? No adversity? Sit back and enjoy Ellie's jokes. Otherwise there is no platinum for you.

Artifact 39: Note to team

When you get to the top of the stairs and the second floor, look to your right to find a small ledge you can climb to reach the other side.

Cross the ledge and continue walking on the path in front of you. You'll find them in a suitcase nearbyNote to the team. This note contains the code for the vault below:22-10-56.


Safe Pittsburgh

With the found code inNote to the team At the top we go back to the safe and enter the code. It is behind the billing counter.

When you reach it, enter22-10-56to access the port. In it you can find ammo, resources and other collectibles.

Training Manual 3: Shiv Enhancement

InsideSafe Pittsburgh Mentioned above we find ammo, resources and a very special collectible.


The collectible in question is theShiv Booster Trainingshandbuch. Pick it up and you'll learn how to get more out of knives before they break.

With the safe open, go back to the stairs, go to the 2nd floor and turn left and follow the path until you reach a room with a window. Hop in and get ready for a tough encounter.

Collision in the hotel corridors

Through the window you are on the roof. Go to the window on the opposite side of the area. You will hear the hunters inside. Hide for cover and use eavesdropping to locate your enemies.

There are a few ways to approach this scenario. As always, the most practical tactic is to lure enemies into each hotel room and take them out silently. there are aroundsevenHunters to contend with here, so it shouldn't be too hard if you're careful.


However, the hotel's hallways themselves are a maze, and chances are you'll encounter an enemy as you explore. If this happens, use the maze-like structure to break contact and hide again. Play smart and you will quickly defeat your enemies.

Once they're done, go toquarter 204and go to the roof outside the double doors. Enter through the window on the left side of the area and climb over the rubble to the next floor of the hotel.remember this areasince we will return after defeating a group of enemies nearby.

The tactics for this next section are identical to the previous one. we take careandEnemies in this next floor of the hotel with the idea of ​​luring them back into the rooms to finish them off in silence. Be sure to use the bow to silently take out enemies. When you're done, loot whatever resources, scrap, and ammo you can find.

Optional Conversation 19: "The Easy Way Out"

Do you remember the route we took to get here, climb over the rubble and go to the bathroom? Go back to the bathroom (it's in thereRoom 304) and look in the bathtub.


You will see two skeletons sitting in the bathtub. Ellie will claim they took "the easy way out," but Joel will disagree, telling Ellie that it's the hardest decision a person has to make.

After the couple talks about the skeletons, you'll find the stairs that lead to the next floor. If you follow the signs in the elevator area you should find the stairs. Go up the steps and then interact with the slightly ajar elevator.

After a QTE, Joel will force the doors open. Enter and use the ladder. You will reach the elevator service hatch, which will allow you to ascend. Reach the small ledge in front of you and slide over to the other elevator and drop onto it when you're on it.


After landing, go to the open elevator doors and pressTRIANGLEto cheer Ellie up. Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned as Joel falls into a pool of water below.

basement of the hotel

Once you regain control, swim around the debris and jump over a nearby locker to reach another pool of water. Follow the path until you reach a dead end, then dive below the surface and swim down.

Swim underwater through the door on your right and continue down the hallway. Be quick so you don't run out of air. When you emerge again, you will see a sign that says West Tower B1. Before going through the door, look to the right to find a side room. Head inside and you'll find shotgun ammo, a knife, and some crafting resources.

When you're done, go back to the pool of water in the middle of the room and dive in. Look for an underwater door just below where we saw the West Tower B1 sign. Swim through the passage and turn right through a side door if available. When you respawn you will find yourself in a small room with some lockers.


Exit the room and follow the path. Joel will eventually enter an area with spurs and put on his gas mask. Follow the ruined walkway, duck under the rubble and emerge on the other side. In the tunnel ahead, a rat avalanche will run towards Joel. Loot the rooms to your right and left, butDon't turn on the generator you'll find on the right on the path just yet.. You'll find tons of ammo and supplies...almost like we're going to need them very soon...

Use either path to go up and loot the laundry room north of you. When you're done, head west. You'll find a rider who clearly nails some super snazzy cosmetic changes to Cordyceps. At the end of this corridor we find a locked door that requires an access card to open.

Once we figure that out, we're going to have some scary new friends. This is our first meeting withStalker; some kind of infected that cloak themselves to bring us down. These guys are scary, fast, and can give you the fright of your life if you don't track their location. The best way to take out Stalkers is to find a long hallway with few entrances, then stand against a wall and wait for them to attack.

Use melee weapons if you can't reduce headshot time. You can probably outrun melee combat, but melee weapons are incredibly effective. you will fightcincoIn this section. When they're dead, go up the hall and turn right. Loot the lockers nearby and follow the path until you find one.security room.

Artifact 40: Hotel Map


Search the safe room for whatever you can find, then head to the central desk. You will find themhotel cardon the center table.

Not only is it the key to get out of this place, it's another artifact. That's Artifact 40 for those points.

With your key card in your pocket, go down the stairs andTurn on the generator we found earlier. For those who forgot, it's down the ramp from the kitchen area on the northeast side of the second floor. Unfortunately, this draws unwanted attention. That is, we must fight against aSmoked fishjthree other stalkers.

Once the fan falls in the area, head upstairs. Let's eliminate the pursuers first. Find these three spooky runner variants and take them out with melee weapons and your pistol. When they're done, we can just focus on puffing.


The best idea here is to go in a loop as the aisles are narrow and if the fans catch us it's game over. Start in the room with the generator, shoot the blower, then head upstairs and wait for him to enter the long hallway outside the laundry room.

Once he arrives, keep making more shots until he's close, then run to the key card door and shoot him some more. Finally, drop off the ledge opposite the key card door and head down the stairs, firing more shots as the fan falls down to join you. Rinse and repeat the cycle until the swelling goes away.

When he's dead go upstairs and use the map to leave. You enter a staircase. Climb up and you will come to a blue door. On the other side you will find four more doors. The one on the right leads to a bathroom with some arrows and pistol ammo. The one on the left leads to an office with some junk, supplies and aBank. And the one in front of the workbench room houses some junk. Loot all three and customize your weapons at the workbench.

When you're ready, go up the stairs to the fourth door. You enter a kitchen and immediately hear a nearby clicker. Before you can take him out, two hunters will come and take out the clicker. When they're done, they split up. Although we can't see the other two, there is a totalfourHunters in this combat encounter.


Silently kill the one in front of you when his partner walks away. Wait for the second hunter to return to the kitchen and then take him down as well. Take out the last two hunters and search the area for lost supplies.

When you're ready to proceed, go to the seats and look for a ladder on the floor next to a puddle of water. Take it and place it under the broken porch just above where you found it.

Head up the ladder and then Joel will be attacked by a hunter and thrown into the pool of water below. Your attacker will try to drown you. MixSQUAREto try to escape. After a long QTE segment, Ellie will save you and show you a cutscene. When you regain control, climb up the ladder and follow the path into the next room. Look for a door on the left that leads back to the dining room.

Comics 03: Supplement

When you return to the second floor from the dining area, go down the broken stairs to reach the bar on the opposite side. Grab anything from the bar and head to the cafe tables across the street.


On one table you will find some garbage and on the other oneComiccalledaccretion. Looks like we have a present for Ellie to thank her for saving our lives.

Return to Ellie when you're done, then follow the path until you find a broken ladder. Go to the lower floor. On the left you will find two bathrooms. At the male you will find a knife in the right cabin.

Firefly Pendant 12: Cane

Go downstairs to the ladies room. In the cabin at the back you will findReeds Firefly trailerdirectly to the left of the bathroom.


Pick it up and see it before you add it to our collection. Be sure to grab the alcohol and bandages from the sink on your way out.

Training Manual 04: Melee Node

After exiting the ladies' room, go back to the path and follow it. After passing the elevators, you will find a counter on the left.

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ÖMelee node training manualcan be found in this table. Do a reading. Our modded melee weapons now last one hit longer.

Pass the training manual and continue skipping the table. You will come to a door at the end of the hallway. Enter and you will come to a ballroom.


Optional talk 20: Palm landscape

As you enter the hall, turn right and look for a backdrop of palm trees. After a few seconds, Ellie comes over and inspects it.

Eoptional conversationA warning is displayed. This one is a little different than the regular one as it gives you three prompts over the course of a single conversation. Get all three. Joel and Ellie will talk about the background and then the fight they had before.

Once you've talked to Ellie, loot the resources in the lower left corner and go to the piano. Play the piano first (not because you have to, but because it's essential in any piano interaction game), then move sideways and pressTRIANGLEto push it. Once you're in place, use the piano to reach the walkway above.


Go straight and through the door north of you. You'll enter a bar. Go through the doors northwest of the entrance. Jump onto the balcony and scaffolding to start a cutscene.

financial district

In the cutscene, we'll find that there are some pretty bad men among us that we'll have to eliminate in order to get through. Luckily we have support. Joel finally trusts Ellie enough to give her a gun, which means our eye in the sky will shoot some enemies for us if we get into a firefight.

Once we regain control we will face a large group of hunters.cincoHe will stand right in front of us, admiring a hanging body. It's up to you here, but if you want to take the rowdy approach, you can take them all out at once with a nail bomb, then use the barricade for cover while you finish off the remaining crew members. Ellie will support you and make the firefight a little less intense.

However, we can also do this secretly. Wait for a hunter to approach and frantically tell your allies about our work, then take out the hunters when they start scouring the area. Cover is plentiful throughout the battle arena, so lure victims to the farthest corners and strangle them without being seen. Use the bow to take out the hunters silently too.


There are many enemies scattered throughout the middle section and the buildings to the left and right. Use the buildings to hide until most of the enemies are dead. If spotted, flee and re-cloak before returning to your objective.

After taking the firstsevenSoldiers secretly, anothersixYou enter the area through the north gate. Drop them to trigger a cutscene. Once that's done, Ellie is armed and we're ready to find more collectibles.

Artifact 41: Firefly Note

The first artifact we want to track down is in a freezer at the back of Don Fiocchi's Sandwiches. It's a shop in the northeast corner of the area. Go into the store and look for a door behind the counter. In the back room you will see the freezer on the left.

InsideFirefly NoteIt's on the ground on your right. Pick it up to add to our collection.


Optional Talk 21: Body hanging from a tree

now the nextoptional conversationIt's an absolute nightmare to release. You should go to the hanging corpse that the group of hunters were chatting next to before the combat encounter. It's directly to the left of where you started the combat encounter.

The only problem is that the indicator just can't appear. If it doesn't, keep reloading the last checkpoint until it does. If it lasts too long, exit the menu, reload the game and try again. It's tough, but it should work over time.

Go north with the two collectibles and through the lock on your left. After a short cutscene where Ellie opens the door with a cart, stick your head under the blinds. Once it lands, grab the junk on your right and resources on your left, then move the cart into the gap in the wall opposite the blind.


Once he's in place, head into the next room. You will see one on the rightBank, so make the updates you want. When you're done, jump onto the table in front of you and you'll see a brutal cutscene. When you're done, go to the ladder on the left and go up the steps.

You enter a hallway outside of an office.Of theHunters will approach you from across the hall. Here we have two options: kill the hunters or hide from them. When you take them out, wait for them to separate and then take out whoever is closest to you. Once he's down, go around the office and take out the second hunter.

Artifact 42: Final Assault Note

Enter the office at the back of the area and head left until you reach a broken window. Below the window you will find thefinal attack note.

It's next to a table. Pick it up, read it quickly, and add it to your collection. This is another fallen artifact.


Exit the office and head west to get onto the nearby walkway. Get on the truck below and follow the path until you reach the bottom. Follow the road until you reach an intersection, then duck behind the barricades in front of you. Here we have the fun task of eliminating a group of hunters.

Threethis unwanted will be hiding in a sniper hide east of us while anotherfourit will bunker ahead. Before we pursue the ones at the end of the path, let's covertly run thesethree in the sniper nest. Go ahead to the door next to the police car and watch themReisethreadwhich runs from the hood to the nearby wall.

On the way up, you should see one of the hunters enter the next room. Use a distraction to lure him back into the hallway and take him out. Then take out the two hunters in front of you with your bow. This can be tricky as they are close together, although it's manageable by taking out the hunter closest to the gate.

Once they're done, it's best to use the sniper's nest to your own advantage. Grab the rifle and eliminate the four enemies outside. One will likely attack you with a melee weapon and hurl it up the stairs to hit you. Kill him with your own melee weapon and shoot the other hunters. Once everyone is dead, we're free to loot.


Artifact 43: Mob attack note

Once inside the sniper's nest, look for a hideout with a computer, desk, and water dispenser.

Below the table you will find theNote on mafia attack. Read it and add it to your collection.

Artifact 44: Truck Note

Exit the sniper nest and go towards the crossroads where we took out the last group of hunters. We will see some shops that can be accessed through this area, one of which isfood deposit(or, as the survivors called it, the irrational warehouse... very clever).


Enter and look at the table to find themtruck notice. Add it to the collection.

After picking up the Truck Note, go to the back of the camp to find oneDolchhalter. Inside you'll find some supplements, scrap metal, crafting items, and more.

Optional conversation 22: "Everyone has a family"

After exiting the feed shed, you'll see graffiti on the wall opposite the nearby tank that reads "Death to Freedom." Ellie will comment on this, starting with aoptional conversation.

Talk to her about the survivors killed here to start another optional conversation.


While it's like any other optional conversation, it seems that it doesn't count towards the platinum trophy in some versions of the game. Still, it's worth starting with, just to be sure.

After starting the conversation and finding all the artifacts in the area, push Ellie up the stairs to the left of the Death to Freedom sign. Once he's on his feet, he'll knock over the ladder for Joel and allow him to climb to the top. Follow the path until you reach an open area.

Optional Talk 23: Military Preparatory School

As you land, you'll see the gates of a military preparatory school on your right. Approach her and Ellie will start talking about her experiences at a similar facility.

Eoptional conversationwarning appears. You know what to do. Click on the indicator and it will be added to our total.


Optionale Konversation 24: Dawn of the Wolf

After seeing the military gates, turn around and look for a sign with a movie poster calledRise of the Wolf: Part 2. To the right of the alley we must go down next to a rusty van to continue.

Ellie will run to the poster, comment on it and put up another oneoptional conversation. Press the display and listen to the dialogue.

escape from the tower

When you're done talking, go down the alley to the left of the sign. After a few steps, you'll hear voices as the fighters begin to approach your position by the military tower. We want to be secret here as the tower is strong. The sanest way to get past this steel behemoth is to head to the end of the alley first and take out the hunter lurking outside to the left of the garage.


When he's down, go back to the garage and eliminate each of the hunters, preferably with the bow if possible. If you don't have the bow, we'll have to rely on distractions. Lure each hunter to spread out and take them out using the back hallway when they almost see you.

Once all the hunters are dead, exit the garage through the west window. Our goal here is to get across the street and through the back door of the building across from the garage. To do this, let's use the cars, dumpsters, and other debris on the road for cover as we head the other direction. The turret is set to spot you at this point, so wait for a lull in its stream of fire and run for cover. Eventually you will reach the other side.

Go to the door and take cover behind the shelves nearby. Here you will find two hunters who will try to flank you while the turret keeps firing. They're approaching from the west, so take cover and take them both out quickly.

Go to the window on the other side of the store and hide behind the police car. You should head south here, away from the tower and around the corner. You will be immediately attacked by another hunter, so shoot him and take out his friend around the corner. Follow the route further. Eventually the tower will go through the door and immobilize you. Enter the nearby side door and take a breath.



The stairs up. You come to two offices. The one on the right has pistol ammo on the table. Take it, go to the office on the left and go to the fire escape. The tower will now surrender and leave the area. Cross the planks ahead and slide down the ledge and enter the open window nearby.

Once inside, grab any resources you can find. There are some additional charges for the bathroom sink and handcrafted items in the kitchen. When you're done, jump through the window to the right of the kitchen and slide down the ledge. You will come to a second open window. It jumps to indicate a chaotic encounter with some new allies.

escape the city

As soon as the cutscene ends, we are in an apartment with Sam and Henry. There's some good stuff here, so loot each of the rooms. We need supplies for what comes next.

Training Manual 5: Molotov Construction

Head into the apartment kitchen to find our closest oneexercise guide. to be rightMolotov construction, so it's not too hard to guess what makes it better.


The manual will allow us to increase the radius of action of our Molotovs, allowing us to set fire to more enemies at the same time.

When you're ready, join Ellie, Sam, and Henry and head downstairs. When you reach the next floor, stop and walk toward the apartment in front of you.

That is aDolchhalter, so if you have a knife, open it. Loot the supplies inside. You'll need to find ammo, supplies, scrap metal, and more, so seek and find every last piece.

Comics 04: Tiefe Phase

if within theDolchhaltermentioned above, look in the master bedroom. On the table you will find another comic.


this is calleddeep phase. Look at it and then throw it in your backpack.

After inspecting the apartment, go to the bottom of the stairs and follow Henry. He takes you to an abandoned toy store. Watch the cutscene and follow Henry out of the store.ThreeThe hunters will speak later. Wait for them to finish, then turn them off, if possible in secret.

When they're dead, get in the car on the left side of the area and climb onto the roof.Of theHunters will appear and run from behind cover. Stay close behind the ventilation system and shoot them both. After they're dead, go where they were and go into the building on your left.

Firefly Pendant 13: Rios


Henry, Sam and Ellie go through the door on the right. Before we join them, turn left and examine the nearby bathroom.

In a cabin in the back of the room you will findRio's firefly pendant. Pick it up to add to our collection.

Now regroup with the others. They enter an architect's office and Henry closes the door behind him.

Artefakt 45: Testnotiz

After entering the office, go to the double doors directly opposite the office entrance. Inside you will find theexam resulton your right


Read it and save it to add to your collection.

With the note in mind, grab the supplies from the kitchen counter and follow Henry to the Company's main office. You will enter a cutscene. When you're done, it's time to carry out Henry's plan.

the skeleton crew

Follow Henry through the company, down a few steps to the ground floor. Henry will tell you to follow his lead, so that's the plan. Stay close to him for now.


Eventually you will find two hunters warming up by the fire. Take out the left one and allow Henry to finish off the right one. After they are down, go through the doors on the left. They come out from behind a barricade.

In front of you you'll see a hunter with a spotlight that uses the lamp to spot clickers from afar and take them out with a rifle. Wait for the focus to pass, then go upstairs. Keep moving and go left, circling until you have a good distance between you and the spotlight.

Create a shift to the right of focus, and when the hunters are looking away, stop for the focus turret. Take out the hunter on the back of the backpack, then turn off the floodlights with the generator at the base of the tower.

In the confusion, now is the time to strike. Hide under the catwalk in the spotlight; It's directly to the left of the generator. Wait for the hunters to jump, then take them out with the shotgun for some close-range carnage. Clear out stragglers and loot supplies.


When ready, go to the central door and pressTRIANGLE. Joel and Henry will go to the other side once the tower wreaks havoc again. Follow the path until a hunter on a truck appears nearby. Shoot him and push Henry up the stairs to the side of the truck. You will enter a cutscene.

When you're done, go to the shutter that Ellie is trying to lift and pry it open. Once inside, follow the path and you'll come to a pub (one that will look oddly familiar to fans of a certain silver-tongued swordsman's third exit...).fourHunters will enter the pub and look for you. Sneak down or shoot them and then go into the outer hallway.

Go to the front doors in the lobby and push the cart blocking them out of the way. Once he's gone, you can use the doors. When you get out, the tower will pass through some doors nearby. Run onto the highway and eventually a short cutscene will play. However, the hunt is not over yet. When you regain control, keep running. The next scene, indicating the end of the chapter. Congratulations. you winPittsburgh. Now is the timeThe suburbs.

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How do I get Ellie out of the hospital? ›

Grab the Artifact from the room on your right, then go through the door at the end of the main corridor. Charge into the surgery and grab Ellie to save her from the surgery. When you leave this room, take a left and run as fast as you can towards the lift.

How do you beat the Humvee in last of us? ›

Joel, providing cover fire with a military sniper rifle, destroys the Humvee when a hunter wielding a Molotov accidentally drops his weapon inside the vehicle after being shot by Joel, immolating the interior of the vehicle and causing it to crash into a nearby house.

How far into Last of Us is Pittsburgh? ›

"Pittsburgh" is the fifth chapter of The Last of Us.

How do I get back to Ellie in the hotel? ›

Swim towards the wooden pallet and then bring it back to Ellie. Swim back towards the plank, then enter the cargo hold to your rear. Swim left, then head upstairs, go up the ramp and then cross over via the plank to reach Ellie. Now go inside the hotel.

What made Ellie immune? ›

The infection caused Ellie as a fetus to be exposed to the cordyceps and this is the cause of her immunity.

Can Ellie infect others? ›

Though Ellie does bite David while trying to escape from him in The Last of Us Part I, he dies before we can see if he becomes infected. It isn't until years later that Ellie is able to figure out that she isn't contagious.

What happens if you miss a weapon in the last of us? ›

The game does feature chapter select, so it's not the end of the world if you miss a weapon. Simply load the correct chapter from the main menu to grab the weapon you missed.

Can you shiv a bloater last of us? ›

Once you've taken out the extraneous infected enemies, you can turn your full attention to the bloater itself. Keep an eye on your surroundings, don't get cornered, and don't let the bloater grab you. Unfortunately, your shiv can't save you here. Your melee weapons won't do you any good either.

What is the best weapon in the last of us? ›

Pump Shotgun

Possibly the best weapon in the game. The shotgun is a really powerful short range pump-action shotgun. It'll easily kill humans and the infected with a single shot at close range. The further you're away from the enemy the less damage you'll deal to them, due to the spread dynamics of the shotgun.

How close is Pittsburgh to the ocean? ›

The closest ocean beaches to Pittsburgh are Rehoboth Beach in DE and Jersey Shore Beaches (like Ocean Grove Beach in NJ and Atlantic City Beach in NJ). They are all located about 360 miles drive from Pittsburgh.

Is Pittsburgh America's most livable city? ›

Pittsburgh ranked highly in the categories of education, culture and health care systems. No. 1 in the U.S. was Honolulu, followed by Atlanta at No. 2.

How much time does it take to beat last of us? ›

It should take about 14 hours to complete the main story of The Last of Us Part 1, the first game in this franchise. This is the time given by the video game length compendium How Long To Beat assuming you're ignoring the side quests and purely working through the main campaign at a decent pace.

Does Ellie go to California? ›

Tommy's visit, in which he reveals a new lead on Abby and Lev's whereabouts, is all that's needed to break the peace, and Ellie ventures out to California to hunt her nemesis down, despite how much it upsets Dina.

How do you recruit Ellie? ›

In order to recruit Ellie to your team, you will firstly need to complete her side quest, Worst Contact. Upon finishing the short quest, Ellie will request to join your crew - you can either decline or accept her offer.

Does Ellie go to Santa Barbara? ›

The Resort follows on from The Last of Us Part 2's Pushing Inland chapter. This chapter continues Ellie's journey through Santa Barbara. This features the final missable items in the game - so assuming you have everything until this point, you should be earning the final set of collectible-related Trophies.

Why did they change Ellie's face? ›

Straley said that, following the comparisons, Naughty Dog revised Ellie's appearance because "we want our characters to stand on their own two feet". Druckmann and Straley said the change was made to better reflect Johnson's personality and make her younger. It was revealed in a trailer in May 2012.

Why is Ellie wearing a gas mask? ›

In The Last Of Us Part II

Much like in the first game, the gas masks provide protection to the players from spores, especially in infected areas like Lakehill Seattle Hospital. However, Ellie does not actually need to wear a gas mask but did so because the fact she is immune was a secret.

Why does Ellie have a scar on her eyebrow? ›

Ellie develops scars from bite marks and acid burns. As a result, her ex Kat gives her a tattoo to cover them up. The tattoo covers the scars so well that nobody knows she has them.

Can Ellie grab clickers? ›

A clicker attempts to bite Joel. In Left Behind, Ellie can easily dispatch unaware clickers from the front with her switchblade by standing still and waiting for them to walk toward her. This also works if they are investigating the sound of a thrown bottle.

Why is Elle immune? ›

A far more likely explanation is quite simply that Ellie was born immune. Given the outbreak was less than two decades prior to her birth, this likely means Ellie is an exceedingly rare person with natural immunity and a mutation that allows her to sidestep infection.

What did David try to do to Ellie? ›

As Ellie killed more and more of his men, including his second in command, James, David grew more fixated on her and made several attempts to kill her. He did show some guilt when he decided to try to kill Ellie.

Can you spare Abby The Last of Us? ›

No, it turns out you can't kill Abby, can't kill Tommy, and can't save [redacted]

Can enemies see your flashlight in The Last of Us? ›

WLF and Seraphites can see your flashlight though, so it is good to turn it off (if you can) around people to avoid being detected. Throw items to distract enemies. Glass bottles and bricks can be thrown to distract enemies - infected and non-infected alike (even dogs!).

Can you get infinite ammo in The Last of Us? ›

Unlimited Ammunition

There is no need to search and collect ammo when you can allow access to this option. The best part is that it provides players with unlimited ammo for all guns.

Is a Shambler a bloater? ›

The Last of Us Part II features another version of a Bloater known as a Shambler, found in areas flooded with water and still capable of spewing toxic spores. And then there's the Rat King, but that thing doesn't count. If you want to learn more about the different types of infected in the show and game, click here.

Why do Clickers click? ›

The Clicker's Sound Is Used For Echolocation

This blindness means the Clickers have evolved, using their unmistakable clicking sound as a primitive form of echolocation. While Clickers can still hear and often use that sense to find their prey, clicking allows them to navigate their environments.

Can you melee a bloater? ›

Furthermore, despite their tough fungal armor, they are not immune to melee weapons as long as enough force is exerted on them. Joel was one of the few people to demonstrate this, as he was able to hack a bloater to death while also amputating its arm with two hits from a machete.

What is the strongest weapon of all time? ›

Nuclear weapon

The explosive yield of Little Boy, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was equivalent to about 15 kilotons of TNT; the Russian RS-28 Sarmat (called Satan 2 by NATO) ICBM was designed to deliver a payload 2,000 times more powerful than Little Boy.

What is the best handgun last of us? ›

El Diablo is no doubt the best overall sidearm in The Last of Us Part 1. This powerhouse is powerful enough to kill enemies in just one or two shots and even comes with a scope, making it essentially a handheld rifle. It can even down a bloater in two, sometimes three, shots.

What is the greatest weapon of all? ›

Of course, nuclear weapons surpass all other weapons made to date, because they have enormous destructive power and can cut down an entire city and a large part of the population, and radiation after a nuclear attack would be present for decades.

Is Pittsburgh water Drinkable? ›

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

We are proud to release our 2021 Consumer Confidence Report. Our drinking water customers can have confidence in the safety and security of their water and rest assured that we are providing Pittsburgh residents and businesses with the highest quality water.

How deep is the 3 Rivers in Pittsburgh? ›

The rivers are maintained at a depth of 9 feet.

Can you swim in the river in Pittsburgh? ›

Pittsburgh rivers are subject to combined sewer overflow (CSO). This means that after a heavy rain untreated sewage may be ejected into the rivers. It is never a good idea to swim within 24 hours of any significant rainfall.

Are Pittsburgh people friendly? ›

To top it off, Pittsburgh residents are frequently described as friendly and welcoming. Pittsburgh locals also maintain a real sense of community throughout the city's 90 different neighborhoods. After all, nothing brings people together like good times, good food, and sports — three things Pittsburgh has in droves.

What is the most affluent area of Pittsburgh? ›

With high rankings in nearly every category Pittsburgh Magazine measured, Edgeworth edges out other posh Pittsburgh communities to earn the title of Best Affluent Suburb. The borough attracts a fair share of millionaires, with Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby as its most famous resident.

How old is Joel in The Last of Us? ›

In the first game, Joel is 52 years old, and in The Last of Us Part 2, he's 57. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. Thanks to the Part 1 remake released in 2022, we were able to confirm Joel's age.

Is The Last of Us a difficult game? ›

The Last of Us is not generally considered to be an especially difficult video game. That is to say that it's not a Dark Souls-like experience or anything that is inherently designed to appeal to gamers seeking a special kind of challenge. The Last of Us was clearly intended to reach a slightly broader audience.

Will there be the last of us Part 3? ›

Share All sharing options for: The Last of Us Part 3 might not happen, according to Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann. HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us is just ramping up, but that hasn't stopped fans from being excited about where the video game series could go next after 2018's The Last of Us Part 2.

Does Ellie get pregnant? ›

She revealed her pregnancy to Ellie near the end of their first day in Seattle while they were sheltered inside a theater, thus explaining Dina's recent bouts of sickness. Sometime after Ellie and Dina left Seattle, JJ was born.

Where did Dina go after Ellie left? ›

Closer to the end of The Last of Us Part 2, Dina is almost killed by Abby before Ellie intervenes and convinces Abby to let them go. After that event, Dina and Ellie decide to “retire” to a farm in order to raise their newborn son, J.J.

Who does Ellie fall in love with? ›

Eloise Bridgerton and Sir Phillip Cane

The printer's assistant with a passion for feminism seems like an ideal mate for Eloise, but it's actually Sir Phillip Crane — the elder brother of Marina Thompson's true love, Sir George — who wins her heart in the books.

Should I hire Felix? ›

Found at the Groundbreaker, it's no secret that Felix has had quite the rough life and makes his anti-establishment stance very clear from the get go. If you are after a combat companion that excels in the Stealth area, definitely consider bringing Felix with you on the field.

How do I get Felix as a companion? ›

After you've talked to Udom Bedford in Groundbreaker and no longer have your ship impounded, you'll find Felix waiting for you by The Unreliable. If you talk to Felix, he will ask to join your crew and you can then conduct an interview with him. If you like his credentials, then you can allow him to join your crew.

Does Ellie get bitten? ›

Ellie's immunity to the Cordyceps infection is an important part of The Last of Us game lore. In both the HBO series and the video games it's based on, Ellie is the only person we know of who doesn't become infected after being bitten or exposed to the Cordyceps in other ways.

Who took care of Ellie? ›

Marlene. The leader of the Fireflies and entrusted carer of Ellie, Marlene meets Joel during the Quarantine Zone chapter, asking him to take Ellie to meet the Fireflies in the Capitol Building. Following their meeting, we don't see Marlene again until the very end of the game when she returns in The Firefly Lab chapter ...

What is Ellie's girlfriend name? ›

Dina (Shannon Woodward) is Ellie's girlfriend. She originally hails from New Mexico and is Jewish, mentioning that her ancestors survived both the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. She is an orphan who was forced to learn how to handle herself since the age of 10.

How do you escape the hospital in alien isolation? ›

Shortly after you reach the lower hospital, you'll need to locate a trauma kit. Save next to the lift before moving on, then proceed onwards, going left prior to the entrance to Cold Chamber 1, to the door with the Stun Baton wedged into it. Take the baton and the door will open.

How do you get out of the hospital in the last of us 2? ›

After crawling through a vent to get out of the room you're stuck in, you'll get pulled out by one of the Stalkers that came off the Rat King during the fight. Kill the stalker like you would any other enemy and get out of the hospital. Congrats, you've just beaten The Last of Us Part 2's freakiest encounter.

When did Ellie go back to the hospital? ›

After Joel and Ellie found out the Fireflies abandoned the University of Eastern Colorado, they headed to Salt Lake City. When they got there, a pair of Fireflies discovered them, one of them knocking Joel unconscious, then reviving Ellie and taking them to the hospital.

Can you fully upgrade Ellie Last of Us 2? ›

Kurt Margenau, the game's co-director, explains in the video (at around the 7:30 mark onwards) that The Last of Us: Part II will feature seperate weapon and player upgrade systems, but that you won't be able to acquire the necessary resources to fully upgrade Ellie in a single playthrough.

Can you shoot the alien in Alien: Isolation? ›

The flamethrower is your one true friend in many of the latter stages of the game, given while it can't kill the alien, it can sure as hell hurt it and scare it off. The alien distinguishes attacking a target - a human that has no weapon - as separate from that of an armed character, known as a threat.

Can the alien see you in Alien: Isolation? ›

Anyway, as a general rule, if you can see the alien's face then the alien can see you, so when you hide make sure you're hiding in such a way that you can't see the alien's face. Good point. Don't play a high difficulty unless you're absolutely certain that you want to be spanked.

Can you hold your breath in Alien: Isolation? ›

If the Alien gets too close to your hiding spot, you'll need to hold your breath and lean backwards to avoid being found.

Is Lev a guy or a girl? ›

But the story of Lev, a 13-year-old transgender teen who's forced into exile when his own community rejects him, is even more compelling. Lev is on the run from the Seraphites, an authoritarian religious cult whose members adhere to strict predetermined roles.

What happens if you miss a manual The Last of Us 2? ›

Bonus Training Manual Location

Just in case you missed a Training Manual, they will keep respawning in a few more “backup spots”. One such spot is at the start of Chapter 38: The Island. After climbing up the first ladder in this chapter, check the back of the truck on the left. A Coin Collectible is also in there.

Can you save Joel in Last of Us 2? ›

Likewise, you sadly can't save Joel, even with mods and glitches. Sad face. It is possible, however, to pre-emptively kill Mel and Owen in the aquarium, although their bodies will respawn at the start of the cutscene.

When did Ellie get pregnant? ›

Gave birth

Manny. In Ice Age 3 Ellie is pregnant. Despite this, she follows Manny and the others through dino world on their quest to rescue Sid. In the end, she does give birth in dino world.

Was Ellie's mom a firefly? ›

Players would be forgiven if they don't know much about Anna, Ellie's Mom, because of her small role in Ellie's background. Anna was a nurse and a good friend of Marlene, leader of the Fireflies. Anna would give birth to Ellie after the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, dying a few hours after the birth.


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