Luxury car rental Varna | Best prices for people traveling to Bulgaria | Book today! (2023)

Why should you choose a luxury car rental class?

When planning trips, tourists determine the necessary amount for a 10-14-day stay in Varna. This is an average travel time, but even in 1 month it is impossible to see and visit all the attractions of Varna. If you want to visit at least the main sights of Bulgaria, you need a lot of time.

Time plays a key role in any journey.Luxury carsis designed so that the traveler feels comfortable at any time of the day, on any road and in any weather. Some people may think that it is not necessary to rent a luxury car, but when we travel for a few days, we want to travel safely and comfortably. Cool air conditioning, soft seats, a comfortable dashboard, high-quality sound from the speakers and a wide view from the window will make your trip a real premium flight. In addition, it has low prices and high popularity in the United States for a long time.

Why the quality of luxury cars is important when you travel

Currently dozenscar rental companiesoffers many high-end car models. The most popular companies in the retrofit category are Chrysler and Buick, and sometimes when looking for the right car you can come across Toyota models. Why do many customers choose the luxury category of a rental car? It is a very reliable, fast and economical way to get around Varna. Although it is 30-40% more expensive than the standard car category, you will still spend less money than on public transport and a taxi.

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How to rent a luxury car in Varna

If you are planning a trip and have already set your arrival dates, you can rent a car now. Temporary rental is not only a guarantee of the chosen car class, but also saves money. Some companies may raise the rental price for some days because many customers want to take advantage of this. Choose the right car for CARNGO in just 5 minutes. All you have to do is state the date of arrival, the place of collection of the car (you can also use the option of returning the car to another place) and the number of rental days.

By ordering a car for a few days, you get a discount. You can also book a car for the duration of your trip. CARNGO is a convenient service for tourists, thanks to which you can rent a car not only at the airport, but also in other parts of the city and at our offices. Registering a rental agreement is quick and all you need is your passport and part of the rental service fee.

The cost of renting a luxury car from Varna companies

The price of using a rental car does not only depend on the model category. It also depends on the rental period, the type of fuel surcharge, the number of additional drivers and the age of the main driver. The average price to rent a luxury car in Varna is $89.99 - $109.99 per day. day. When renting a car for 3-4 days, the price is reduced by approx. 5% per day, and when renting for 7 or more days, the price may drop by 7-10% or more depending on the rental period. You can also order additional services and equipment throughout your rental car journey:


  • Additional driver;
  • GPS-navigator;
  • children's chair;
  • high chair;
  • ski holiday

Rules for renting luxury cars

All car rental companies' terms and conditions allow for the start of the rental and return of the car at the agreed time. If you received the car at 9.00 and handed it in no later than 10.00 the next day, you must pay the rent for an extra day (some companies only give fines for late delivery). The mileage (allowed number of kilometres) is unlimited, but in order to use the rented car, you must choose the type of fuel payment:

  • you pick up with an empty tank and return with a full one (in big cities it is convenient because you buy petrol at an economical price);
  • collect it with a full tank and return it with an empty tank (for this purpose, you must pay a deposit in advance or pay for the use of the car);
  • pickup and return half-empty;
  • Receive half full and return empty.

For any kind of fuel payment, a deposit must be paid by bank card, which you will get back at the end of the rental. The rented car must be insured. It costs up to $14.99 and covers vehicle or collision damage. You can also buy full insurance that covers all kinds of damage and accidents and protects property, the driver and passengers in the car. Additional insurance costs up to $19.99 and is offered at the time of ordering the car.

Luxury car rental agreement

It is mandatory to sign a contract when renting a car, even if you only need it for a few hours. In fact, it is a document that confirms the completion of the transaction, that the tenant took over the car, paid money for it and can now safely use it. These documents describe in detail both the rights of both parties and their obligations. Any reputable company will definitely take a closer look at the contract, read everything necessary before signing it, and if necessary, agents will clarify even obscure details that you have doubts about. Signing such a contract, regardless of its period, but its terms may vary. If, for example, you use a machine for a long time, then the rental can be for an indefinite period, suddenly you decide to use the machine later.

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Age restriction for the driver

Luxury class cars require a minimum age of 21 so that the company can be sure of the customer's competence and responsibility. To get a car, you must have available driving skills noted on your license and experience of at least 1 year. There is a $45 surcharge for this car classyoung drivers aged 21-24. This is necessary to obtain full insurance for the young driver and passengers in the event of a collision or damage to property or health. There is no reduction for long-term rent, and the amount is inclusive of 14% state tax.

Additionally, when using the option for additional drivers, they must be over 21 years of age and pay a $45 fee to the insurance company's budget. In order to use a luxury rental car, you need not only to have all permits, documents and pay commissions, but also to be confident in your driving skills. Remember that you are driving an expensive car and it is necessary for extra comfort, not for high speed. Follow the rules of the road and familiarize yourself with the rules of the road in each state you want to visit.

Additional features in the luxury car class

Premium cars are not only used to travel around Varna on your own. You can also rent a luxury car to hold important business meetings and talk with partners. High quality car rental services are often used by politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and other famous people. Many people around the world trust the quality of CARNGO services and contact us when planning their travels. Why are luxury cars a popular service for a large number of people?


  • Cars such as Chrysler, Dodge or Toyota are global brands and are characterized by high quality in every detail. You can sit comfortably in the car, turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride;
  • CARNGO offers the lowest prices on luxury apartments in Varna. In international transfer, safety and security companies, renting such cars costs from $ 250, but traveling in business class can be much cheaper. It's not even much more expensive than using public transport and taxis;
  • By renting a car, you plan your journey yourself and can forget about bus schedules, taxi inquiries and trains and subways. Thanks to luxury cars, you will never be late for an important meeting or flight. Each of the 286 horsepower in the Chrysler 300 promises that.

Try high quality now

Car rental is suitable for most customers when their own car is out of reach. For example, it is broken and needs long-term maintenance. However, you cannot cancel all journeys and traveling by public transport is inconvenient and impractical for you. Such cases make people rent a luxury car. This is especially true for people running a business. Many business trips in the metro can damage your image and appearance. In addition, it is much more profitable than driving a taxi all day.

Luxury car hire is also an excellent solution in emergency situations. For example, when a company has to meet a high-ranking investor who is clearly used to luxury and comfort, a Chrysler 300 can be rented, the very name of which evokes a feeling of comfort and reliability. For two or three trips around the city, there is no point in buying such a car, but it would be very useful to have it delivered by CARNGO Rentals. We wish you pleasant travels!


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