Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (2023)

Nature is fascinating in many ways. And that's whymany travelers love to explore naturefor what it has to offer. One moment you think you have seen enough, but nature surprises you again. Either way, it's an exciting experience. The diversity of nature makes the whole situation so interesting.Waterfalls are part of nature and fascinatein many ways.

Waterfalls differ from each other on many factors that make them unique. This means height, water volume, width, location and much more. There are countless waterfalls in Europe. However, some are iconic for their size, including the following. These are some of the highest waterfalls in all of Europe.

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Two new waterfalls await you in Europe!

This article has been updated with two new waterfall locations, brand new photos and related information on finding these very high waterways. Whether you want to see a waterfall in Germany, Portugal, Iceland or even Italy, it's on this list!



14 Röthbach waterfall, Germany

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (1)

Obersee lake, Germany

In the beautiful Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria in southern Germany there is the fantastic Röthbach waterfall. Access it470 meterthe waterfall is challenging, often requiring travelers to hike miles through the national park.

Furthermore, the Röthbach waterfall flows directly into Lake Obersee, where many people stop to take pictures and admire the scenery. Note, however, that swimming is not allowed in the Obersee: so stay away from the water around the Röthbach waterfall.

13 Made in Hoogwater, Portugal

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (2)

Vineyards in the Douro River Valley, Portugal

Another beautiful (and tall) waterfall in Europe to discover is Faia da Agua Alta in Portugal. Here, tourists can admire the highest waterfall in Portugal, with a span of 60 meters. Although this waterfall is not as large as some on this list, it is the largest in Portugal and attracts large crowds every year.

In particular, Faia da Agua Alta is located in the Douro International Natural Park in the northeastern part of the country. To access this beautiful waterfall, people have to walk a 4 km trail that starts in Lamoso village, so it should be easily accessible.

For even more hidden gems,visit the Algarve in Portugalmaybe worth it.

12 Gullfoss, Iceland

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (3)

Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland's Golden Circle

Gullfoss waterfall, located in the south of Iceland, is the highest waterfall in Europe. This is a waterfall known for many reasons; one is that it is larger than others in Europe. Another reason is that the waterfall has two rivers that intersect at right angles. It is a waterfall located in a nature reserve, which makes it very attractive.

These ten tips will make your trip to Iceland more economicalmaybe worth a read.

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11 Dettifoss, Iceland

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (4)

Dettifoss is another waterfall worth mentioning. It is also found in Iceland and its height is breathtaking. It is a waterfall that has been visited by so many visitors mainly because of its adjacent location, a glacier. The size of the waterfall fascinates visitors and they still see it. Another reason why people like to visit this waterfall is its location. The journey to Dettifoss waterfall offers amazing features and environments, making it a true adventure.

10 Langfoss, Norway

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (5)

The sheer height of Norway's Langfoss waterfall is a sight to behold. It is a natural wonder that has surprised many people who visit it. The waterfall is not as vertical as the others, as it bends slightly over the mountain. However, this does not mean that it is not high. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway and has been recognized by different people and countries.

The waterfall is 662 meters high. Every visitor to the area wants to witness for himself. The view from the top is also amazing for those who can climb to the top and see from there.

9 Mardalfossen, Norway

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (6)

Norway waterfall close up

This is another waterfall and the highest in the country. This is the most beautiful waterfall you can find in Europe. The height and volume of water in the waterfall make it very powerful. It also plays a crucial role in helping Norway generate energy. beyond powerMardalfossenIts height of 705 meters makes it an attraction for thousands of visitors every year to experience the wonders of nature. The landscape where the waterfall is located is also very beautiful and magical, which gives it all its beauty.

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8 Gavarnie Falls, France

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (7)

Gavarnie Circus, France

They are called Gavarnie Falls because there are several waterfalls close to each other in the area. But only one of them is the most discussed by tourists and scientists because of its size. With a height of 422 meters, the Grande Cascade is a very popular waterfall. The height above sea level is so high that the moving air currents create a microclimate. The waterfall has thus become a real attraction in its surroundings. It is a waterfall that is also located in a beautiful region that can be visited for its landscapes. As a result, people who visit the waterfall benefit not only from the water.

7 Haifoss, Islandia

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (8)

Haifoss waterfall, Iceland

Iceland is a truly beautiful country with many natural attractions for visitors. The landscapes of the country provide the most amazing areas to visit for people from all over the world. Haifoss waterfall is another waterfall that has created a great attraction and found its place in Europe. However, the waterfall is located in a very remote location with snow, cold wind and other harsh conditions. Nevertheless, people still visit this magical waterfall to see and experience it, even on bumpy roads.

6 Plitvice Falls, Croatia

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (9)

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice waterfall is another famous waterfall in Europe. It occurs in Croatia and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. It is a waterfall in Plitvice Park and provides access to many other interesting places during your visit. The park itself is a monument. Another enchanting part of this waterfall is the water. Since the water here is almost crystal clear, it is a unique feature that many people love to see.

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5 Skogafoss, Islandia

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (10)

The most characteristic featureSkogafossiwaterfall in iceland is height. It is a natural phenomenon that many people travel from different parts of the world to witness it. Another characteristic of Skogafoss is its size and shape, which requires a geometric rectangle. It is a waterfall that takes a light form on this list, making it easy to see. Access to the waterfall is not too bad so people can visit it.

4 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (11)

A man poses in front of a waterfall, Iceland

Exploring Iceland allows visitors to see many waterfalls. One of them is Seljalandsfoss. In fact, although the waterfall is located in a remote area, the roads have made it very accessible. In this way, many guests can come to visit.

3 Marmore Falls, Italy

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (12)

Marmore waterfall Italy

Marmore Falls is a famous waterfall in Italy. It is one of the most famous natural phenomena in Italy and is visited by many tourists every year. It is a beautiful waterfall and the place where it is located offers tourists several attractions.

2 Winnufallet, Norway

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (13)

Natural forest

The breathtaking Vinnufallet waterfall in Norway is not only the highest waterfall in Europe, but also one of the highest in the world. It is located near the town of Sunndalsøra in Norway and is 865 meters deep. Visitors to Norway should make sure to see the Vinnufallet waterfall as it is easy to get to.

1 Ramnefjellfossen, Norway

Here are the 14 highest waterfalls in Europe (14)

Waterfalls in Norway

The high Ramnefjellfessen waterfall in Norway, which falls from glaciers into Lake Lovatnet, is 818 meters high. It is a must-see sight and anyone who comes to Norway will be able to enjoy the enchanting and breathtaking view of this waterfall and its surroundings.This guide to exploring Norway may be useful.

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