Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (2023)

Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (1)

Elden Ring Game of the Year 2022 is an open-world fantasy game developed by FromSoftware that follows similar themes to their previous popular games such as the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro series. However, Elden Ring is less linear than previous games, offering a variety of caves, dungeons, and ruins to explore the sprawling Middle Lands.

These auxiliary areas include explorationthe Carian Study Hall, which you can find to the east of Academy Gate Town. Going up the hill east of East Liurnia Lake Shore Place of Grace will take you directly to Study Hall. Once inside the building, here's how to navigate the hallway (even after going around it), find the various valuables hidden inside, and finally reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Carian Study Hall: Average

Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (2)

Carian Study Hall technically has two states. When you get here, you will be in your normal form. Entering the Carian Study Hall, there is a very obvious grace place and a ghost to the left of the entrance. The paths on either side of this room lead to an elevator that will take you to the top.

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You might be tempted to jump into the arch you see when you take the elevator up, but don't! Just drive into a bottomless pit and end your game. Another nasty trick from FromSoftware.

When you get to the top of the elevator,On the far right you will find a Golden Rune (3). Watch out for the fingercreepers above and the ghosts that will appear.To the left is a ladder that Tutor Miriam will spawn when you approach it. Fight the ghosts that appear while dodging her spells. Chase this vicious NPC down the stairs, across the bridge, and up the next flight of stairs, where you'll find arhinestone team karian. Go through the arch near the object and take the elevator. As you enter the balcony, there is one to the right of the entrance you used.Golden Rune (4).

Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (3)

To the left is the tutor Miriam, some ghosts, and a ladder that leads you to the intersecting beams. After climbing the beams, go straight and at the cross section of the third beam turn right onto another ladder (watch out, rats!).Once at the top, there is a Cerulean Seed Talisman on the beam next to you..

Maestra Miriam:

Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (4)

Tutor Miriam continuously casts spells at the player while teleporting around the area while taking damage while the player is attacked by ghosts and finger trackers.She will still appear in the Reverse Study Hall even if she was previously killed in the Normal Study Hall.Killing them in the regular tower will causemagic rainSorcery, and kill them in the inverted tower will fallClarity,another powerful sorcery in the game. Therefore, it is worth trying them twice.

In both phases of Study Hall, ranged attacks are particularly effective against Miriam. She won't attack if you're in the small room at the top of the second elevator in the normal tower. Meanwhile, in the inverted turret, the height advantage often causes your attacks to hit the platform.

The ghosts that spawn with Miriam aren't tied to her, so you can go through her first spawn point to finish her off before coming back to fight her (relatively) safely. However, this is only recommended for the normal study room.

That covers everything remarkable that can be made and acquired in the regular Carian Study Hall.However, there is more to the area if you return with a specific item in hand.

Carian Study Room: Vice Versa

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You may have noticed that there is a pedestal at the entrance to Carian Study Hall that will ask you to place an item.Once you've progressed far enough through the Ranni questline (see our complete guide for full progression details), she'll give you the inverted statue of Carian, which you can place on this pedestal and use to turn the tower upside down. below.

The shrine room doesn't change with the rest of the tower, so follow the same paths you used before. The elevator can't be used anymore because the tower is upside down, but you can drop down or jump onto the ledges below. Jump through the inverted arch andWatch out for the fingercreepers that will attack once you are done.

Elden Ring: Study Guia Carian - TFB (6)

proceed.Ahead of you, you will see a platform where the Tutor Miriam will appear to attack you.. Take an immediate left and head to the opposite wall. Hug the wall and carefully drop down to the ledge below. Follow the ledge towards Tutor Miriam and the two climbers. Some ghosts also appear, but they get stuck on the edge of the platform.

After defeating the fingercreepers and the ghost, drop down onto the ledge where the ghost got stuck.Follow him to the right, being careful not to get hit by Miriam's attacks.. They come to a cliff that leads to where the tutor Miriam attacks. There will also be the three-fingered vines and the other two ghosts.

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After that, look down and drop down onto the central chandelier below you. Then carefully jump onto the chandelier on the right. From there, move to the cross bars where you can pick up aglowing stone fireflies. Finally, drop down onto the large platform in the center and stand on the button. The elevator takes you to a large circular room.Head towards the reverse door which will lead you to a bridge. Liurnia Divine Tower. Do not forget to activate Site da Graça.

Liurnia Divine Tower

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If you cross the bridge (you can also download torrents here), a Godskin Noble miniboss will appear blocking your way. Defeating him will reward you with the Godskin Noble gear and you can cross the bridge to the Divine Tower. Inside the tower is an elevator that takes you to a place of grace, and at the top of the stairs in this precious resting place is the top of the tower. Here you can get themStargazer Heirloom TalismanIt's indeath curse.

Odeath curseit is important to complete the Fia quest line and get theAge of the dawnbornfinish and meetLichdrache Fortissax.

Noble Divine Skin:

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Godskin Noble is a recurring boss in Elden Ring. While the one on the Liurnia Divine Tower bridge doesn't have the long health bar of the boss, he is just as annoying.

Godskin Noble uses fast melee attacks and also has a Blackflame ranged attack.If that opponent reaches a low enough health cap, they will also perform a rolling attack that lasts for a long time, as well as a melee strike. Torrent can be summoned while he is on the bridge to avoid these techniques, or to help him keep his distance if he plans to play ranged. You can also move behind the stone obstacles on the bridge to ensure that Godskin Noble sticks to it during the rolling attack.

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