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How to get there:
From the airport, taxis run directly to your ship. The airport is only 11 km from the cruise port.
Alternatively, you can use the excellent public transport.

Copenhagen has threecruise terminals:

1. Oceankaj - c331 Terminal 1, c332 Terminal 2, c333/c334 Terminal 3 i Terminal 4

Most cruise ships (return) dock here. With 4 terminal buildings, this is the busiest pier.

To get there from the airport: walk 2 minutes to the M2 metro line. Go 8 stops to Kongens Nytorv and change to metro line M4 to Orientkaj. Walk through the parking lot and take the free cruise bus to Oceankaj. The ticket machine has an English language option. Pay by credit card.

The first free bus from the harbor to the metro station is at 08.00.

The Port of Malmø in Copenhagen has given the green light to the construction of a new cruise terminal in Copenhagen. It will be located outside the current Oceankaj in Ydre Nordhavn and will be able to handle over 5,000 passengers per hour. The terminal was expected to open in 2020, but due to the corona virus this has been postponed until well after 2022. 7 km from the city centre.

2. Langelinie: from 190 to 199. Mainly used by smaller visitor ships. 3 km from the city centre.

3. Northern Customs House. Smaller ships, luxury megayachts and ferries usually dock here. Quay 177 2 km from the city centre.

Take the metro from Copenhagen Airport to Nørreport Station. Change to the S train on line A, B, C or E and take train 1 to Østerport station. From here it is a 15-minute walk to Langelinie or Nordre Toldbod. From Langelinie Marina (as shown on the map below), you can walk to the city center in just 30 minutes. You can take a short walk from Langelinie Pier to see the Little Mermaid statue orAmalienborg Castle. Langelinie Boulevard is packed with numerous shops, simple cafés and much more.

Cruise chartand which dock to use. or downloadall year roundi Excel.

Able tofrom various cruise terminals.

Buses Hop on/off fromCity tripthey are always present at all cruise ship terminals and offer 3 tours in and around Copenhagen.

Hotels near the cruise terminal

Printable cardTake.

look for itparties and eventsin Copenhagen when you are in port.

Keep an eye on your destinationvideo.

Live charts with Freeport Wikipedia markers - Orientkaj (c252, c254) Levantkaj (C266)WLocation of the port on Google Maps

Live nautical chart with Wikipedia markers Nordhavn - Oceankaj pier (c330-c334)WLocation of the port on Google Maps

Live nautical chart with Wikipedia markers Langelinge pier (c190-c199)WLocation of the port on Google Maps

Monthly climate averages for Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a charming city with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, beautiful parks and gardens, beautiful promenades along the canals and old winding streets where you can walk and cycle. Add to that the longer days and warmer weather in summer.

Highlights: The Little Mermaid, a smaller statue than you think. Nyhavn is full of cafes, bars and restaurants,Tivoli Have, is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.Christiansborg Castle,Amalienborg Castle.

The city's architecture ranges from medieval to rococo, and the style ranges from eclecticism to cool design by Arne Jacobsen. The influence that the Danes have had on the world of modern interiors is second only to their knowledge of fairy tales.

Online purchases can be made in advance via the websiteTourist Information OfficezMap of Copenhagenwhich entitles you to free entry to 60 museums and attractions as well as free train, bus and metro travel (including to and from the airport), discounts on restaurants, car hire and many attractions and includes a comprehensive guide.

Note: Some museums have free admission anyway, and most don't charge admission on Wednesdays.

Excursions Excursions Transport:

One way to make sure you don't miss any of Copenhagen's main sights and attractions is to go on one of the many organized city tours by bus, bike or boat. Please note that most tours are on open-air ships and are therefore not recommended in bad weather

Hurry: Take the Havnevandbussen (901/902) from the Royal Library, also known as the Black Diamond due to sun/water reflections, to Nordre Tloldbod, near The Little Mermaid, or vice versa for the price of a regular bus ticket. Every 20 minutes: a 15-minute ride to all the waterside attractions!

Buses Hop on/off fromCity tripthey are always present at all cruise ship terminals and offer 3 tours in and around Copenhagen.

Rent a city bike for free: You just have to deposit a 20 kroner coin, take the bike and leave it when you're done, anytime, and you'll get your money back.

Public transportIs very good.

It pays to compare your cruise line's excursionsHer.

Places nearby:

A little to the north, along the Øresund coast, there are a number of wealthy suburbs: a visit to their attractions -Danish aquarium,ExperimentariumWBakedamusement park - you can benefit from lazing on the nearby beaches.

ZLouisiana Museum of Modern Artis located 35 km north of Copenhagen on the coast of North Zealand in a spacious old park with a beautiful view of the Sundet in Sweden.

MalmoSweden: Take a 35-minute train ride through this spectacular placeTake care of Health.

Shopping and dining

In the old town, Strøget is actually a collection of pedestrian streets, lined with shops, cafés and restaurants, that extend from this central thoroughfare. These streets lie between the large squares, to the east by Kogens Nytorv and to the west by Radhuspladsen. You won't find the name Strøget on road signs or city maps, but if you ask Copenhagen where to find Strøget, you'll probably get a simple answer.

Eating out and drinking out is quite expensive, but the options are endless: from hot Thai curries to traditional "frikadellers" (Danish meatballs), from sushi to the typical smørrebrød served for lunch, these smørrebrød have all kinds of spicy toppings, which usually including a boiled egg and dill, beetroot, mackerel, roasted onion, cold cuts and goose or pork sauce. There are also smørredbrød takeaway kiosks in the city centre.

It's for shopaholicsbyFields has its own metro station: take the metro towards Vestamager and get off at Ørestad station, then you are directly at the main entrance to Fields.

Denmark has the highest tax rate (VAT) in Europe: 25% on everything!

Payment method:

Denmark is not part of the euro monetary system, but large shops will probably display prices in both Danish kroner and euros (€). Most major international credit cards are accepted in Denmark. However, keep in mind that there is often a 2 to 4 percent surcharge that is legal outside of the United States.



Danish and English are widely used.

Emergency number: 112

Opening hours and public holidays:

Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00, Sat: 10:00-16:00. Shops are usually closed on Sundays, but some department stores and shopping centers are open during the cruise season.

Shops can be opened every first Sunday of the month, as well as every Sunday in December before Christmas Eve. But if the first Sunday of the month falls on a public holiday or constitutional day, the shops are closed.

Please note that regular shops are closed on public holidays, including Constitution Day on 5 June and Christmas Eve on 24 December. Kiosks, bakeries, station shops, etc. are usually open on Saturdays after 17.00. and Sundays.

Click on a holidayHer

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