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    Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (1)Por Michelle Little, Readersdigest.caUpdated on June 07, 2022

      While the world famous Niagara Falls takes center stage, there are many other spectacular waterfalls in Canada that are worth adding to your bucket list.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (2)Foto: Shutterstock

      Helmcken Falls - Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia

      One of Canada's most beautiful waterfalls, Helmcken Falls, sits in the majesticParque Provincial Wells Gray, created in part to protect the mighty falls. The waterfall has gradually created a large gorge at the foot of the falls, and in winter the icy spray along the edges creates an icy paradise. Easily accessible by road, equipment is available to capture the perfect shot.

      A bit about Canadian Falls: Although the doctor was named after John Sebastian Helmcken for his role in the British Columbia Confederation, the doctor passed away without ever having visited the natural wonder.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (3)Foto: Shutterstock

      Athabasca Falls – Jasper Nationalpark, Alberta

      Athabasca FallsEasily one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada, it is a jewel in the crown of Alberta's legendary Jasper National Park. Several trails and bridges that cut through the rock and open up to panoramic views of the mountains allow for a variety of vantage points. Before reaching the falls, walk along the magnificent limestone gorge, where the swiftly flowing water has carved smooth formations, leaving small crevices and eddies. From milky white to aquamarine blue, the striking color of the water changes throughout the year but is always stunning.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (4)Foto: Shutterstock

      Pissing Mare Falls - Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

      Pissing Mare Falls might have onefunny sounding namebut they're no joke: in fact, they're among the tallest waterfalls in Canada. Located in the impressiveGros Morne National Park, the falls can only be reached by a boat trip, and for the most part, the preserved area remains pretty quiet. The falls tumble into Western Brook Pond, which is actually a freshwater fjord formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. Towering cliffs covered in emerald green foliage provide a spectacular backdrop to this natural phenomenon, making these falls a place to behold.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (5)Foto: Shutterstock

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      Shannon Falls - Shannon Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

      One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada isKataratas Shannon,whose rapids plunge into a series of granite outcrops in Howe Sound and eventually into the Pacific Ocean. Easily accessible and just a mile south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway, getting to these falls is a breeze. Best seen in spring or autumn, the falls are just 200 meters down a paved path from the parking lot. Once you reach the falls, you can continue exploring the beautiful surroundings on various trails and boardwalks. Named for William Shannon, a potter who settled in the area in the late 1800s, these falls are the third highest in the province.

      The Sea to Sky Highway brought our countdown to 10The best Canadian road trips.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (6)Foto: Shutterstock

      Takakkaw Falls – Yoho-National Park, British Columbia

      StrictTranslated from Cree, it loosely translates as "the magnificent" and is an apt word for Canada's second tallest waterfall. After a steep climb up a winding path, these falls are just a short walk from the parking lot via a wheelchair-accessible path. While the falls can be seen from afar, up close the spectacular vistas, glorious roar and cool mist provide an immersive sensory experience. The road to visit the falls is usually only open from late June to mid-October and the weatheraddicted.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (7)Foto: Shutterstock

      Nailicho (Virginia Falls) - Nahanni National Park Preserve, Northwest Territories

      Twice the height of Niagara Falls, this massive waterfall is located on the South Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories. I callNailichoIn the language of the southern slaves, the word means "great flowing river" and is an apt description. The remote location means that it receives only about 1,000 visitors a year, who must travel by canoe or seaplane. Both options allow for beautiful views with unrivaled wildlife viewing opportunities. If the falls are worth visiting, take the time to explore the rest of the falls.Nahanni National Park Conservation Area, which recently expanded and is now the size of Haiti.

      Psst: Nahanni National Park is also on our top 10 listAttractions that make Canada amazing!

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (8)Foto: Shutterstock

      Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls, Ontario

      Niagara Falls is Canada's most famous waterfall, and understandably so. The Horseshoe Falls, which are actually three separate falls, are the only ones located on the Canadian side. Easily accessible and always impressive, Horseshoe Falls are the mightiest in North America. Retreating glaciers formed the falls thousands of years ago and the beautiful green color is due to dissolved salts and finely ground rock. Several viewing options are available including the Hornblower Boat Cruise. The Hornblower replaced the Maid of Mist tour boat, which operated from 1846 to 2013 and was the oldest tourist attraction in North America. In 2007, the base of the falls was used to depict the "End of the World" in the movie.Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (9)Foto: Shutterstock

      Montmorency Falls - Quebec City, Quebec

      Located on the outskirts of Quebec City, these magnificent waterfalls are actually taller than Niagara Falls. ANsuspension bridgeabove the crest of the falls allows multiple views of the torrent, the river Saint Lawrence and even the Île d'Orléans. A funicular takes you from top to bottom (or vice versa), but for those who want to take their daily steps, there is a wooden staircase. The falls are accessible year-round, and in winter, the spray freezes into a sheet of ice that can only be climbed by the bravest—or the bravest, depending on your perspective.

      Looking for more things to do in Quebec? find out whyÎles-de-Boucherville is the perfect refuge in nature.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (10)Foto: Shutterstock

      Bridal Veil Falls – Parque Provincial Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia Britânica

      This is beautiful and delicate bridal veil waterfallsLocated east of Chilliwack, British Columbia, they really look like their namesake, with water gently lapping over smooth rocks. An easy 15-minute walk to the falls takes you through lush foliage including cedar, spruce and fern. Picnic tables are available and there are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife along the way. Mount Cheam, where the falls are located, is also a popular hang-gliding and paragliding spot for adventurers wanting panoramic views.

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      Canada's 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls (11)Foto: Shutterstock

      Kakabeka Falls – Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

      Nicknamed the "Niagara of the North", this magnificent waterfall is located 30 kilometers west of Thunder Bay on the Kaministiquia River. Ojibwe for "waterfall over a cliff",kataratas kakabekaThey are easily accessible with numerous hiking trails and a platform that wraps around the top. With a drop of 40 meters (making it the second tallest waterfall in Ontario), the turbulent waters plunge into a gorge carved out of a Precambrian shield. next to homesome of the oldest fossils in the world, the site is also one of the traditional fur trade routes of thetravelers.

      Now that you know the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada, check them out.Must See Botanical Gardens in Canada.

      Original post: June 07, 2022

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